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Health and Safety Flooring From China

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Health and Safety Flooring From China

For flooring, whether it is plush carpet or ultra-modern ceramic tile, or smooth hardwood or vinyl, people have many choices to decorate their homes. Many people pay attention to the material, color and installation of flooring, but the manufacture of products also needs to be considered, because it affects the durability of flooring and the health and environment of a family. Although buying cheap wood flooring from overseas may save money, in this case, you don't know what the standards are when flooring is made, and there is no way to ensure the safety of the floor, so why not consider buying materials from China.



Health and safety violations


Generally speaking, many overseas countries will produce engineered wood flooring at lower cost, even under some unsafe manufacturing conditions, which leads to lower floor prices overseas, but you know nothing about the health and safety of products, so before choosing floors, you should make some simple comparisons between Chinese floors and overseas floors:


Flooring cost factor


China is one of the largest producers of real wood flooring in the world. Although compared with other competitors, the flooring imported from China may be cheaper, it is relatively safer. The government regulations of overseas countries are different from China, so the standards of safe and high-quality flooring are also different. Therefore, when purchasing overseas engineered oak flooring, there is no guarantee that the products have not been chemically treated or contain harmful pollutants to health. Some tests have found that the flooring has a high formaldehyde content, and formaldehyde is generally used in manufacturing laminates.


False figures


According to reports, many reinforced floors may not meet health and safety standards in some aspects. These companies will explain to people that wide plank wood floorings are safe, but from some reports, this is not the case. Consumers are likely to accept such information on the surface, but the company's statement is actually wrong. Therefore, when choosing the painted wood floors, don't just choose according to the description of the merchant, but really understand the raw materials, manufacturing processes and other information.


Product quality


The difference of standards between different countries has caused another problem, that is, the quality of products is poor. Because overseas manufacturers adopt different or even unregulated production methods, the quality of discount hardwood flooring produced is relatively poor, and it is easy to have some faults in the use process. In addition, if the labels of products do not have certain standards or are not regulated, consumers may pay for some unnecessary things. Consumers don't know the selected products before buying them, and don't even know what materials the waterproof wood flooring is made of. They can only know the quality of the floor after receiving the products, which causes some troubles. It is very likely that the overseas products purchased by consumers include some unsafe or defective products. If you choose the oak wood flooring made in China, you can know the brand or industry or manufacturing materials through various channels.


Just like the food we eat, it is important that we know where the products we use come from and how they are made. When choosing floors, we must also ensure that the wood plank floorings come from countries with strict regulations or good reputation, which can bring some health guarantees to our families and our bodies. No matter which country's floor products we choose, we must make a decision after careful consideration and understanding.




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