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Should Your Cabinet Match the Floor?

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Should Your Cabinet Match the Floor?

In recent years, the price of housing on the market has been rising. As a result, more and more homeowners are starting to remodel their current homes instead of buying new ones. Among the many rooms in the house, the kitchen and bathroom are the rooms most homeowners will remodel. And the kitchen and bathroom are more difficult to remodel than other rooms. So when installing the kitchen wood flooring, do you need to choose the waterproof wood flooring that match the cabinet?

If you're going to redecorate your kitchen, you need to do a lot of things. You need to consider how to choose wall coatings, how to choose cabinets and floors, which is a complex thing. As a result, many homeowners will consider whether to choose the floor to match the cabinets when redecorating the kitchen.

In fact, when decorating the kitchen, you don't need to find the floor that matches the cabinet completely. For example, if you install a oak hardwood flooring in the kitchen, you can choose a wooden cabinet without paint, but the color of the cabinet does not have to be the same as the floor. You can choose a dark wood flooring with a light cabinet, which can be well combined. If you install a natural stone flooring in the kitchen, you can choose a cabinet that has been painted.

How to Choose the Right Countertops, Floors and Cabinets?

When redecorating the kitchen, many homeowners will replace the kitchen cabinets, countertops and oak wood flooring. Therefore, how to choose these items is a very important thing. You can start by choosing a countertop, because countertops are usually the most expensive part in the redecorating of the kitchen. When choosing a countertop, you can get some photos or material samples from the supplier, which will help you to know more about the countertop you choose.

Next, you can start choosing the kitchen flooring. If you install a high gloss countertop, it is recommended that you choose a glossy wood flooring. If you choose a matte countertop, you can also choose a dark or dim color flooring. You don't need to make sure that the materials are exactly the same when choosing a countertop and floor. You just need to make sure that they look coordinated when they are installed.

When you have determined the countertop and wood like flooring, you can start to choose the cabinet. It is recommended that you customize the cabinet according to the countertop and floor, because the customized cabinet can perfectly match your design.

When decorating the kitchen, the most important thing is to avoid conflict. For example, if the unfinished wood flooring in your kitchen is black and white, don't choose blue or other bright color cabinets. Kitchen countertop is usually cheaper and easier to be replaced than engineered parquet flooring, so you can change the overall appearance of the kitchen by changing the color of the countertop. It is recommended to choose neutral flooring and cabinet, which can reduce a lot of trouble when choosing countertop.


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