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  • Q How do you guarantee the quality of Power Dekor’s flooring?

    A Power Dekor has its own QC Team strictly controls each step to ensure all products’ quality, and the its own first nation-level lab in China to regularly inspect products.
    Power Dekor certifications include TUV Premium, CE, FloorScore, etc.
  • Q What is your payment terms?

    A T/T, L/C or else.
  • Q What is your delivery time?

    A About 30-45 days after receipt of your order.
  • Q How many days for the sample shipment?

    A Generally within 5-7 days after your confirmation.
  • Q Do you offer free flooring samples?

    A Yes. Free samples are available.
  • Q Case: Huayu Factory of Power Dekor Reduces Levels of Waste Gas Emissions

    A The original 10-ton boiler, oil furnaces, and 4-ton boiler in Huayu Factory merely adopted water-film separators and wet scrubbers to filter flue gas, which did not meet emissions standards. In August 2019, the Huayu Factory invested 800,000 CNY to integrate the treatment of flue gas from all three boilers and added a set of baghouses, along with desulphurization and denitrification equipment, which effectively reduced the emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter, resulting in considerable environmental benefits. The project was officially completed in January 2020. After the completion of these modifications, emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and various particulates have met all environmental standards. This will reduce annual emissions of sulfur dioxide by 1.89 tons and nitrogen oxides by 2.32 tons.
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