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How to Install the Last Row of Laminate Flooring in Hallways?

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How to Install the Last Row of Laminate Flooring in Hallways?

Installing the last row of laminate flooring in the corridor is sometimes not a simple task. Installation on the first side is easier, but the opposite side will be difficult. Because in most cases the board will be cut and slide under the door frame.

There are basically two types of laminate wood flooring. One type is to allow laminate vinyl planks to be tapped together and placed side by side. The other type requires a plank to be inclined at a certain angle to engage and lock it into an adjacent plank.

The differences between these types of laminates can make the job of installing laminate flooring in the hallway easier or more difficult. It is difficult to slide the laminated wood board under the door frame and tilt it up at the same time.

How to install tiltable laminate under the door frame? The first step is to cut the board to fit the space. Then slide the board under the door frame, and then tap it backwards with the lever to engage the adjacent board. When some laminates cannot be placed flat together, you must scrape off some of the locking systems. At this time, wood glue must be used to fix the boards together.

Fitting laminate flooring is a durable type in flooring products. But if it is not installed properly, no matter how good the floor is, it is just empty talk. So it is necessary to understand how to install high quality laminate flooring and what are the installation processes of laminate flooring?

The last row of grey laminate wood flooring will be installed in the corridor below the door frame. At this point, the door frame has been cut off so that while laying the boards flat on the floor, pat the boards together. Before that, you have to mark the position of the door frame for measurement.

The first step is to accurately position the wide plank laminate flooring longitudinally at the position to be installed, and then mark about 1/2 inch on the door frame. Two internal marks show the end position of the door frame and are cut in these two places.

After making a mark indicating the position of the door frame, measure from the edge of the installed floor. The measurement method is to measure about 1/2 inch below the outside of each door frame, which ensures that the laminate slides under the door frame.

Transfer the measurement results to the quality laminate floor that will be installed under the door frame of the corridor. Then send the measurement results to the inline with the mark on the outside of the door frame. Connect these measurements.

The board ends at the doorway of the tiled bathroom. A T-mode will be installed here in order to determine where to take the measurement.

After you place all the measurements on the board, you can connect them together. Draw straight lines with a square and free your hands to surround the door frame.

After going around the door frame, you can cut the excess from the wooden board. If there is too much under the door frame, it will cause the floor to bend as it expands.

When we install the bead, do not connect the bead to the floor tightly, and tighten the screws. Otherwise, the layering and wood effect laminate floor will be easily separated after a long time.

The installation methods of shiny laminate flooring and high gloss laminate flooring are the same. There are as many as 100 types of laminate flooring, which give you a personalized choice. There are many varieties of patterns, which can simulate various natural or artificial patterns.


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