Quartz Core ClicTile
Quartz Core ClicTile is an ideal alternative to tiles 
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Quartz Core ClicTile

Quartz Core ClicTile is mainly made of pure quartz, lime, portland cement, wood fiber and water. The production process will not add glue and other formaldehyde containing substance. It relies on hydration polymerization to produce a high-quality board. In addition, advanced technology allows it to be combined with a variety of surface species to achieve different appearance effects.

ClicTiles Constructions
Wall ClicTiles
Feature Quartz Core ClicTile Ceramic Tile
Installation Quick & Simple Click System Multi-step & Complicated & precise required
Installation Cost Low High
Weight Light, Density: 0.95g/cm³ Heavy, Density: 2.0-3.0g/cm³
Quiet Performance Mute pads Not available
Slip Resistance R9 / R10 <R8
Maintenance Simple and convenient
Pattern Plentiful pattern and colors
Dimensional Stability Not deformed when heated
Fireproof Class A
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