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The Purchasing Guide of Best flooring for Your Home

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The Purchasing Guide of Best flooring for Your Home

Floor installation is one of the most important aspects of home decoration. The owners should not only give consideration to quality, price, service life of floor including water resistance and wear resistance of surface when choosing, but also they should consider the overall style of home decoration. Here we will provide the purchasing guide of best flooring with comprehensive evaluation for your reference.

Comprehensive evaluation of various types of flooring

Floor thickness:

Solid wood floorSolid wood composite floor>Bamboo floor>Laminated composite floor>Cork floor

Analysis: The thicker the floor is, the better the quality is?

Answer: In fact, the thickness of the 8mm floor has reached the thickness of international standard. For various wood floors, thickness is not the standard that determines the quality of wood floor. Thick plates are the same as thin plates. Once the surface is worn out, they cannot be used. Therefore, the quality of the floor surface layer is largely related to the service life of wood floor instead of the thickness of the board. Therefore, the thickness of the floor is not a criterion for assessing the practicality or quality of the floor.

Wear resistance of surface:

Laminate flooring>Solid composite flooring>Bamboo flooring>Cork flooring>Solid wood flooring

The different floor materials and processes determine their wear resistance and compression resistance. Generally, composite flooring has a wear-resistant layer, so it has good wear resistance. Other material floors are basically natural materials. It is difficult to achieve the effect of the wear-resistant layer only by the wear-resistant paint on the surface.

Nowadays, with the improvement of craftsmanship, the abrasion resistance of solid wood flooring has also been greatly improved. If you usually pay attention to maintenance, there will be no household problems.

Water resistance:

Cork floor>Bamboo floor>Solid wood floor>Solid wood composite floor>Laminated composite floor

The water resistance of the floor is very important, otherwise it is easy to deform during the process of using. For laminated floors with poor water resistance, the joints are obviously bulged after a period of use, and the bulged parts are easy to wear and accelerate the damage of the floor. Therefore, the room conditions should be fully considered when choosing the floor. If the room is humid, try not to choose a composite floor.


Cork floor>Solid wood floor>Solid wood composite floor>Bamboo floor>Laminated composite floor

The price of the floor is related to the raw materials and production process. Although cork flooring is renewable, high-quality cork is produced abroad, so the price of cork flooring is much higher than that of solid wood flooring.

Service life:

Solid wood floor>Cork floor>Bamboo floor>Solid wood composite floor>Laminated composite floor

Generally, under the condition of proper maintenance, the service life of solid wood flooring can reach a hundred years, and the use of laminate flooring can be up to 10-15 years.

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