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The Selection Guide of Wood Floor

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The Selection Guide of Wood Floor

With the continuous improvement of peoples living standards, most people have higher requirements for the quality of life. The natural wood floor has the characteristics of beauty, comfort and good heat preservation, and it is gradually becoming popular in the decoration. So How to choose the suitable wood floor for your home? Today, we will provide for you the selection guide of wood floor. Let us to see together.


Usually wood flooring on the market is mainly divided into three categories: pure solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, and laminate wood flooring. No matter how many varieties on the market there are, they are all for comfort of peoples life. Of course, different floors have different advantages and disadvantages, and you may choose according to your requirements and hobby.


How to choose wooden floor?


Generally speaking, solid wood flooring depends on wood species, grade and specifications. You should be sure to know the material when buying, For example, oak and rubber wood, they are only one word difference in Chinese, but the price and quality are very different. For some wood species that have never heard of the name, you need to find out the characteristics of the wood species before buying. When buying the wood floor for home, you need to know clearly the grade of wood floor. If a certain type of wooden floor is not marked with a grade, then you must consider it carefully. If necessary, you can consult customer service. If you are actually not sure of the grade, it is not recommended to buy. For specifications, if you don’t know how to choose, you just remember that big room with big floor shows atmosphere, and small room with small floor saves materials. And parquet mainly looks at the grade and structure.


Usually the wood floors grade is divided into excellent product, first-class product and qualified product according to the quality. And the structure is that each layer should be solid wood through the four-sided tenon. For laminate flooring, it depends on the degree of wear resistance, thickness, and base material. So, when choosing laminate flooring, you should see the quality of the wear layer. For the thickness of wood flooring, it is divided into 8mm, 12mm and 15mm. Generally, you can choose 12mm thickness for new house decoration. For the substrate, you can observe the density of the substrate from the cross section. If the more uniform the particles are, and the smaller the voids are, the higher the density is, the lower the water absorption is, and the longer the service life is. So, the experiences are sum up as below:


Price: Solid Wood FlooringSolid Composite Flooring >Laminate Flooring


Stability: Laminate floorSolid wood composite floorSolid wood floor


Environmental protection: solid wood flooringthree-layer solid wood composite floormultilayer solid wood composite floorlaminated floor


Foot feeling: solid wood floorthree-layer solid wood composite floormultilayer solid wood composite floorlaminated floor


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