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Diamond Gard SPC
Power Dekor Diamond Gard SPC inherits its core values of beauty and durability with enhanced scratch and scuff resistance property.
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Diamond Gard SPC

Comes in a revolutionary construction, Power Dekor Diamond Gard SPC features stunning visual designs with the best definition that you can find with the SPC category. It's 100% waterproof, kid proof and pet proof. With the unique Diamond Gard system, Power Dekor Diamond Gard SPC withstands daily scratches, scuffs and stains an active space will face. 

Diamond Gard is a proprietary acrylic-based coating system that solves the main problem with typical vinyl products scuffs and scratches.

Selected Power Dekor vinyl products are coated with Diamond Gard.

High gloss finish on vinyl flooring is a big challenge to the industry. But now, Power Dekor leads the trend again and breaks through this technical problem. RefleX™ gives smoother touch and brighter impression to vinyl floorings due to the production process for stable flatness. At the same time, RefleX™ also accomplishes scratch/scuff/wear resistance.

It is hard to recognize first-grade natural stone tiles and RefleX™ SPC flooring with marble pattern. It draws the appearance from tiles but also provides warm foot feel and high intensity.

Diamond Gard SPC Construction
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