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Power Dekor engineered wood extends its core Engineered Floors extends its core values of beauty and durability to natural wood and bamboo materials and take advantages of HDF to further enhance the performance.
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Engineered Hardwood/Bamboo Floors

Power Dekor engineered wood line is flexible in construction and pattern with multiple choices to meet diversified demands. Bamboo, as a classic sustainable material comes from nature, inherits hardwood flooring's structural framework.

Veneered HDF Floors

Veneered HDF flooring is a premium three-layered flooring with a captivating and accurate natural wood look. Its surface treatment make it easy to clean, and the optional waterproof HDF core guarantees its long-time structure stability.

Veneered Silica Mineral Floors

Thanks to the dimensional stability of Silica Mineral Panel, which can be better combined with wood veneers. Veneered Silica Mineral Floors gives users a warmer foot feel and a unique wood texture.

Digital Printing Technology For Engineered Wood

The application of digital printing technology allows the computer directly output high fidelity color graphics, printed on wood veneer. It’ s a complete digital solution, from design to finished product. The technology could improve productivity and reformat the grades and species of wood.

Engineered Construction
• Engineered Hardwood / Bamboo Floors
• Veneered HDF Floors
• Veneered Silica Mineral Floors
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