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Diamond Gard Engineered
Power Dekor engineered wood extends its core values of beauty and durability to natural wood material with enhanced scratch and scuff resistance properties. 
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Vogue, features 2-strip and 3-strip pattern with accented variations, which creates a floor with individual character. Usually, Vogue comes with flat finish for tranquil feeling, but some are enhanced with wire brushed or hand-scraped finish, creating added-value with livelier ambience. 


A mix between European designs of wooden boards with aged natural tones is presented by Vintage to brings illuminating and fresh manner. The most realistic herringbone vinyl floors available with SPC, LVT and Diamond Gard™ SPC constructions.


Alps combines luxury with nature to brings up peaceful atmosphere but warm texture. It creates enjoyment by European style and reflect the natural beauty. The most versatile stone design vinyl floors available with SPC, LVT and Diamond Gard™ SPC constructions.


Eternity is sophisticated and eco-friendly to create an exotic feel. Bamboo is exceptionally hard, resilient, durable and resistant to wear and damage. Highly distinctive structures and colours for exceptional tastes and a wide spectrum of design options. The exclusive, premium quality, large-format bamboo line for design enthusiasts. In addition, It is comfortable to walk on and pleasing to look at.
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