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U-Protect SPC
Power Dekor SPC inherits its core values of beauty and durability with distinguished stain resistance property.
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Calmness is a collection of global aesthetics, inlcudes various patterns that have long been popular on the market. It can be installed in any space without any unaesthetic concerns by its EIR embossing, in order to provide comfort and ultimate beauty.


“Back to Nature” has been always the global aesthetic criterion in flooring industry. Cottage is inspired by the herringbone design of European traditional solid wood flooring and western decoration aesthetics. Special embossing method EIR brings with them a real wood effect, rustic beauty, adding quality and warmth to your space. The collection includes 2 patterns with 11 colour options.

Alps Two

Alps Two inherits Alps by the tiles design of European traditional stone flooring and western decoration aesthetics. The collection offers various natural stone effects by its pattern options of marble, cement, terrazzo, concrete and sandstone.


Alps combines luxury with nature to brings up peaceful atmosphere but warm texture. It creates enjoyment by European style and reflect the natural beauty. The most versatile stone design vinyl floors available with SPC, LVT and Diamond Gard™ SPC constructions.


Hallerbos brings up the fresh and soft forest wood effect and creates the welcoming environment for spaces. The most realistic wood vinyl floors available with SPC, LVT and Diamond Gard™ SPC constructions.


A mix between European designs of wooden boards with aged natural tones is presented by Vintage to brings illuminating and fresh manner. The most realistic herringbone vinyl floors available with SPC, LVT and Diamond Gard™ SPC constructions.

Mix & Match

Beyond traditional fixed sizes and simple layouts, Mix & Match offers a wealth of design creativity, which gives users another home experience. The realistic pattern matched with different widths, makes your space more abundant and close to nature.

Grit Wood

Grit Wood covers most of best-selling designs and colors with various textures and dimensions. Dimensional stability is well controlled to ensure its superiority.
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