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How We Do It
Product matters, environment matters, people matters, and community matters.
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Close to the Environment
Green Operation

An energy-saving, environmentally-friendly enterprise intends to develop a circular economy. 

• Wastewater Treatment 
• Water Gas Treatment 
• Waste Disposal 
• Recycling
Diamond Gard SPC
Green Products
Power Dekor highly reduces the use of chemicals in the production process by new technologies to provide users with eco-friendly, safe and healthy products.
Green Certificates
Close to the Employee

• Guarantee Human Rights 

• Ensure Work Safety 

• Attention To Occupational Health 

• Skills Improvement 

• Work-life Balance

Close to the Community
Financing Educational Programs
By the end of 2019, Power Dekor has extended "Green Campus" to 19 provinces and municipalities and left footprints in 21 primary schools across the country.
Reforestation Efforts
Power Dekor set up forestry funds and utilize 4.5 million tons of "three residues", fast-growing forests sub-small fuelwood every year to well control forest area. It also created over 23,000 jobs for local community.
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