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Power Dekor laminate flooring offers core values of beauty and durability. AquaREPEL brings distinguished water resistant property and the optional waterproof substrate gives it a true version of waterproof performance.
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AquaREPEL Laminate

Power Dekor Laminate features dramatic visual designs and one of the best warranties in the industry: it's water resistant, kid proof and pet proof. With the unique AquaREPEL technology, Power Dekor Laminate withstands daily spills an active space will face. 

AquaREPEL is a proprietary water repellent system that benefits laminate flooring with extraordinary water resistance property.

All Power Dekor laminate products are equipped with AquaREPEL as standard.

Waterproof Laminate

Power Dekor further upgrades the substrate to minimize moisture absorption and expansion. Moisture will be trapped on the surface of the floor, where it can evaporate or easily be removed. This makes floors more worry-proof for end users. Additionally, the sealed surface of the floor makes wet mopping and steam mopping easier than ever. Bacteria, dirt, and liquids can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth, and a clean, dry and hygienic surface can be left without causing damage to the floor.

Waterproof substrate is optional but it’s the best technology that will make laminate waterproof in terms of swelling and sealing.

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