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Power Dekor laminate flooring offers core values of beauty and durability. AquaREPEL brings distinguished water resistant property and the optional waterproof substrate gives it a true version of waterproof performance.
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Imprint is inspired by the old spirit of ingenuity. The graphic design incorporates the classic hand carving, so that the design details can be indistinctly displayed under the lighting. Cloth pattern, geometric design and real wood pattern are combined and integrated, presenting the ultimate beauty of modern art design and adding a sense of simplicity.


Ego is outstanding with characteristics that speak typical European modern spirit, such as knots and cracks, color variations and effects of oak wood. Comes in the timeless colour trends, Ego is perfect to make a unique in home.


Ease is a statement of Eastern calmness with harmonious oak grains and neutral tones ranging from light, natural to brown. Ease is just a palette for people dreaming of a comfortable harbor home.
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