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Homogeneous Vinyl Floors
Power Dekor's homogenous vinyl floors focus on design but also improves its resistance of iodine penetration and stain.
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Sagacity as a homogenous pervious upgrade has prompted the return of terrazzo. The large grain pattern symbolizes purity, transparency and simplicity, with a hint of advanced feeling.
Sagacity PVC content reaches more than 80% which greatly enhances flexibility and resilience; This is ideal for areas with high design requirements, high flow, and heavy loads. It is also free of recycled materials and does not contain phthalic plasticizers to ensure compliance with European environmental standards, REACH regulations and the European Standard for Children's Toys EN71-3.
U-CLEAN adopts special protection system to promote the beading of liquid, so it prevents various stains, especially oily stains, and its special surface treatment is effective against iodine penetration;
Sagacity is suitable for medical care, pension, education, purification field, can also be used in office, public construction, transportation and other fields.
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