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Silica Mineral Wall Panel
Silica Mineral Wall Panel, an ideal alternative to wall tiles with locking system
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What is Silica Mineral Panel?

Power Dekor Silica Mineral Panel (former name: Quartz Core) is a natural mineral board made of ingredients such as quartz, lime, portland cement, paper pulp, and water. These are mixed using high-temperature and high-pressure reactions to form the tobermorite crystals. The process relies purely on mineral hydration, with no added glue, plasticizer, or other aldehydes. It is an innovative, pvc-free and high-performance homogeneous material that takes the environment, sustainable development, market demand, and other factors into consideration.

Mosaic Silica Mineral EasyTile

Mosaic tile design must be classic and infallible. Power Dekor replicates the effect of grouting on Silica Mineral EasyTile for users during production. You can also have your own plain Pre-coated Silica Mineral EasyTile by selecting the colour from a colour card to match your interior design.

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Digital Printed Silica Mineral Wall Panel

Power Dekor strives to collect all varieties of stone & wood materials for high precision scanning, so that we reformat them using Silica Mineral Panel through digital printing technology. Some personalized graphics can be also digital printed on the surface.

Silica Mineral Wall Panel Construction
• Pre-coated Silica Mineral EasyTile
• Mosaic Silica Mineral EasyTile
• Digital Printed Silica Mineral Wall Panel
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