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Do You Need to Tip the Floor Installer?

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Do You Need to Tip the Floor Installer?

When installing the wood flooring, many homeowners wonder if they need to tip the floor installer. When eating in a restaurant, most people tip the waiter, but when installing the solid wood flooring, most people do not tip the floor installer. But sometimes generous homeowners still tip floor installers.

How Much Should You Tip the Floor Installer?

When installing vinyl wood flooring, skilled floor installers do not need tips. While most homeowners don't tip the floor installer extra, they offer snacks, drinks, dinner or lunch. In addition, some floor installers don't even like the extra tips given by homeowners.

In general, most homeowners who are willing to tip give floor installers an average of $20 a day. If they hire a large number of floor installers (more than 4), they will tip an average of $10 to each floor installer. And if the installation of the engineered oak flooring is very difficult, they usually pay $100 to $200 tip to the floor installer.

You can tip the floor installer in the following cases.

1. After the waterproof wood flooring is installed, the floor installers clean the site very well. Although floor installers are not obliged to clean the construction site for the householder, some installers do clean the site. Therefore, if floor installers clean the construction site after installing waterproof laminate flooring, they should receive a tip.

2. The floor installers have finished the very high quality work.

3. Floor installers need to move some heavy furniture before they can start to install the walnut laminate flooring.

4. If the floor installers are employees of the flooring company, you need to tip by the hour.

5. The greater the workload of floor installers, the more tips the homeowners need to pay for them. Tips usually range from $10 to $200.

In the following cases, the owner does not need to tip the floor installers.

1. Some companies do not allow homeowners to tip floor installers.

2. The floor installer is an independent contractor or business owner. If the floor installer is an independent contractor, the owner's cost for the entire installation is his salary, so the owner does not need to pay him extra tips.

3. The floor installers clearly told the homeowner that they didn't need a tip.

4. If you pay a high fee for the whole luxury laminate flooring installation project, the tip may have been included in these fees.

5. The floor installers are rude.

6. When the floor installers are installing the oak hardwood flooring, their construction quality is very poor. If the floor installer's construction quality is very poor, it shows that they install the floor very perfunctory. Therefore, homeowners do not need to tip them. In most cases, tips are used to reward people who work hard.

7. After the installation of the wood plank flooring, the floor installers made a mess of the construction site.

8. You don't need to pay extra tips for floor installers when the engineering contractor charges a high engineering cost.

To sum up, most homeowners do not pay extra tips for floor installers. So you can show respect for floor installers by offering them something else, like food, drinks, etc


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