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How to Clean Your Wood Floors?

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How to Clean Your Wood Floors?

Do you install solid wood flooring or laminated wood flooring in your home? With the improvement of people’s living standard, nowadays many families install various wood floors in their bedrooms because wood floors have many advantages, such as moderate hardness, environment protection and resistance to slipping and so on, and natural wood floor can also be warm in winter and cool in summer. Although the wood floor has many benefits, it is too troublesome to clean. Today, we will tell you some tips for cleaning and maintaining wooden floors, and we hope it will help you.

Tip 1: Dedicated mop and dry wipe

First of all, you don’t think it’s too difficult to clean wooden floors. You may buy a mop specifically for mopping natural wooden floors in order to clean them, and then use the rag to dry it. Of course, if the room area is not large, it’s easy to clean. If the room area is too large, maybe you will be tired to clean once.

Tip 2: Choose a vacuum cleaner with a filter

Try to choose a vacuum cleaner with a filter to clean your beautiful wood flooring, so that it not only can remove the larger particles and scum on the floor, but also can clean the harmful micro-parasites through the filter that can cause respiratory allergies. In order to prevent scratching the floor, you can replace the vacuum cleaner with a special suction nozzle for wooden floor.

Tip 3: Rice-Washing water cleaning method

To deal with the stains on the wooden floor, we can dip a rag into the usual rice-washing water, and wipe the floor gently. It can remove the stain on the floor, but the gloss of wood floor can be maintained.

Tip 4: Waxing protection

If you want to avoid wood floor damage due to stepping on it every day, and keep the floor shiny and bright for a long time, you must apply a protection layer for wooden floor, the way is to use wax maintenance agent after the floor is cleaned. It should be noted that you must wait until the floor is completely air-dried before waxing, so that the wax layer can be completely attached to the wooden floor, and white spots don’t appear on the surface of wood floor.

Tip 5: Homemade wood floor cleaner

If you want wooden floors to be shiny for a long time, you need to use a special cleaner, and you can do it by yourself at home. First of all, mix white vinegar, soapy water and appropriate amount of water. It is best to use a soapy liquid containing olive oil to better protect the wooden floor. Spray the self-made cleaner on the floor surface, and then clean it with a semi-dry mop. It can remove dust and stains on the floor at one time, and it also has the effect of floor care. The point is that it can help you to save the process to wax and polish. And it is the simple and practical way for household to clean the wood floor.


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