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How to Clean and Maintain SPC Vinyl Flooring?

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How to Clean and Maintain SPC Vinyl Flooring?

SPC flooring is a kind of vinyl flooring which is beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. However, you still need to clean SPC flooring regularly to maintain their appearance and extend their service life. The following describes how to clean and maintain SPC vinyl flooring.

Tips for Cleaning SPC Vinyl Flooring

Use a soft broom to clean the dust on the surface of SPC flooring. Soft broom can be used to clean almost all kinds of flooring, such as oak hardwood flooring, vinyl laminate flooring, waterproof engineered wood flooring, etc.

When the flooring becomes dirty, you can use wet mop to clean the flooring daily.

Occasionally use a mild floor cleaner to clean the flooring. Before using the cleaner, you need to read the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the SPC flooring.

Do not use detergents and abrasive cleaners to clean your flooring. These items will damage the vinyl wood flooring and leave traces on the surface of the flooring.

When using the vacuum cleaner to clean the flooring, the hard parts of the vacuum cleaner should be avoided to scratch the floor.

Don't use ammonia or bleach to clean your SPC or LVT vinyl flooring. These liquids will damage your flooring.

If you want to use a steam mop to clean your SPC vinyl flooring, you need to set the steam temperature in the right range. If the steam temperature is too high, the SPC vinyl flooring will be damaged.

Tips for Maintaining SPC Vinyl Flooring

Avoid Scratching the Flooring When Moving Furniture

If you need to move furniture on the flooring, you need to make sure that the bottom of the furniture is smooth, so as not to damage your LVT vinyl flooring or SPC vinyl flooring when moving furniture.

If the legs of the furniture are sharp, then you need to install a cushion on these legs, and then move the furniture.

Don't move furniture frequently, especially heavy furniture. When moving furniture, do not pull or push the furniture directly on the wood effect vinyl flooring. Please lift the furniture first, and then move them.

How to Clean the Stains and Spills on the Flooring

Stains and spills on the floor may have been left by blood, ketchup, mustard, detergents, dyes and food items. If there are some stains and spills on the floor, use a clean towel or cloth to clean them. Here are the specific cleaning steps.

Use SPC floor cleaner and soft towel to remove stains on SPC flooring. If the stain is caused by ink, nail polish and hair coloring agent, then you need to use isopropanol to clean up these stains. For rust on the flooring, lemon juice can be used to clean up.

If the patterned vinyl flooring is stained with paint, you need to follow these steps to clean it. First, gently rub the soiled area with an eraser or other soft object. Then use a clean towel and isopropanol to continue to clean the soiled area. If the above steps do not completely remove the paint from the engineered vinyl plank flooring, you can use alcohol or turpentine and a clean towel to continue cleaning.


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