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How to Do with Your Furniture When You Install the New Floor?

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How to Do with Your Furniture When You Install the New Floor?

When you're tired of the floor at home and want to replace it with the new wood flooring, you will face the problem of how to do with your furniture. You can move them all out of the room, but it's a very troublesome thing. So, is there any way you can change the solid wood flooring without removing the furniture? 



Consideration before Installing the Floor

You must remove the furniture before installing the light wood floors. You can make a plan according to the following. 


How Big is the Floor You are Going to Install?

If you're just installing the new painted wood floors in one room, you just need to move the furniture from one room to another. But if you put new engineered hardwood flooring on the whole house, you need to move the furniture to the backyard or balcony of the house. 


How Long Does It Take to Install?

You need to consider the time spent on the whole project, which will affect your plan. If it takes a long time for you to complete the project and your furniture is left outdoors during this period of time, you may also need to consider the weather conditions to prevent your furniture from being damaged by rain. 


How Much Budget Do You Have?

Before you do with your furniture, you need to think about how much budget you have. If you have a good budget, you can rent a warehouse to store your furniture temporarily. But if you don't have enough budget, you can also get permission to put your furniture in the home of your friends or relatives. 



Dealing with Your Furniture During Installation

After you have made a plan, you can do with your furniture during installation in the following ways. 


Transfer Your Furniture from Room to Room

You can constantly move your furniture while installing the wood plank flooring. For example, when you are installing the wood floor in bedroom, you can move the furniture in the bedroom to the living room, and then when you are installing the wood floor in living room, you can move the furniture to the bedroom again. In this way, you don't have to move your furniture outdoors. But it allows you to move furniture frequently. It takes a lot of effort to do it.


Garage or Warehouse

If your house has a garage or warehouse, you can move your furniture to these places when you install the parquet wood flooring. Note that you need to make sure your garage or warehouse is safe and waterproof, or your furniture may be damaged by rain. 


Short Term Storage

If neither of the above methods is suitable for you, you can rent a small warehouse near your home. While this will increase your budget, it will make it easier for you to install oak parquet flooring. In addition, if you move all your furniture to a room, it will make the room very crowded, and renting a warehouse can perfectly solve this problem. If you find it difficult to move furniture to the warehouse, you can also hire someone to help you move your furniture.



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