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How to Identify Mold and Remove Mold in the House?

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How to Identify Mold and Remove Mold in the House?

There are mold spores around us in any climate type. Then what is mold? In fact, mold is fungi, and some species are extremely beneficial to humans such as penicillin. But others are quite dangerous to the integrity of crops, respiratory system and structure. If you install solid wood flooring or laminated wood flooring in your home, the wood floor materials will be prone to produce mold when meeting long rainy days. And natural wood floor is easy to absorb moisture in the air. Today we are going to teach you how to identify mold and how to remove mold in the house.

How to know if it is dangerous mold?

Mold is a surface mold that grows in warm, damp places such as bathrooms, fabrics and books stored in damp basements. It is also the most common type of mold found in the home. Mold starts as a gray or white powdery colony, and then it turns black or brown. Usually it looks like soil accumulation. If you want to test whether there is mold or just dust on the surface of wood floor, you use a cotton swab to stain it with household chlorine bleach. After two or three minutes, if the stain of wood floor fades or disappears, it is moldy. If not, it may be just some garbage. If you find a musty smell anywhere in your home, the mold concentration in your home is high. It may come from a basket full of wet towels, a damp space in the home, or a carpet with mold growing in the padding, even wet wood floor. Now is definitely the time to take action to solve this problem.

Now you know that Mold can change color and slowly damage the surface, but there are more dangerous molds that can damage the structure of wood floor. If you find a fuzzy or slimy black or green look under chipped plasterboard or broken wood floor, there will be possible to grow mold, and damaged surfaces must be removed immediately.

Do you need to hire a professional for mold cleaning?

If mold is found early, it can be easily treated with household cleaners. For a wide range of mold issues, you may consider hiring a professional. Some molds are highly toxic, and even less dangerous molds may cause problems for people with mold allergies or impaired respiratory systems. According to experience, if the mold covers more than 0.9 square meters, please ask a professional.

Products that kill mold

Chlorine bleach: Sodium hypochlorite or regular household bleach is the most effective product to destroy mold of wood floor. But remember to dilute before using. Due to toxicity and hazardous fumes, it should be used carefully.

Distilled white vinegar: Vinegar is acidic and it can slowly break down the structure of mold and kill them. Vinegar is non-toxic, but mold may remain, which may require additional cleaning with household cleaners. And it is the simple and safe way for household to remove mold in the house.

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