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How to Remove the Vinyl Flooring?

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How to Remove the Vinyl Flooring?

When your floor is used for a long time, it may change color and become dirty. If you have a carpet on the floor, you can easily remove it. But if you install vinyl flooring on the floor, it's difficult to remove them. You need to hire a professional to remove vinyl flooring for you. 



Why Hire a Professional to Remove Vinyl Flooring for You?

It's very difficult to remove vinyl flooring, so you'd better hire a professional to do it for you. First, premium vinyl flooring and adhesives used to install flooring often contain trace amounts of asbestos. Although solid asbestos is not harmful to human health, if asbestos particles are released into the air, it will cause harm to human health. When removing vinyl flooring, improper operation will cause asbestos to be released into the air, so you need to hire a professional to remove parquet vinyl flooring.



How Much Does it Cost to Remove Vinyl Flooring?

Generally speaking, the cost of removing vinyl flooring is between repairing vinyl flooring and installing new flooring. According to statistics, the average cost of removing vinyl flooring is about $1000. However, the cost of removing the engineered vinyl plank flooring may be different in different regions. 



How to Safely Remove Vinyl Flooring?

First, you need to contact the environmental testing laboratory and send samples of your vinyl hardwood flooring to the laboratory for testing. You can also ask them to send a professional to your home to test the floor, but it usually costs more money. After the test, the laboratory staff will give you a test report. If your floor sample contains asbestos, you need to tell the floor remover you hire. In this way, they can take protective measures when removing the vinyl floor covering. They heat the floors and remove them. Finally, they will use vacuum cleaners to clean up the construction site. 



Disadvantages of Removing vinyl flooring Yourself

After testing, even if the wood look vinyl flooring does not contain asbestos, the vast majority of people will still hire professionals to remove these floors. This is because special tools are needed to remove the vinyl flooring, and it is time-consuming to remove the engineered vinyl plank flooring. You also need some special solvent to dissolve all the floor adhesives. In addition, you need to wear a mask at work to avoid inhaling dust or other harmful substances. You can buy tools and solvents in stores to remove commercial vinyl flooring, but the money you spend on these items is enough to hire professionals to remove the flooring for you. Moreover, these professionals have rich experience and can deal with various situations in the construction.



Other Flooring Removal

Although removing waterproof vinyl flooring is a complex and dangerous task, it is easier and safer to remove other flooring, such as wood flooring, carpets and tiles, and you can do it yourself. You need to buy or rent some professional equipment to help you remove these floors. In addition, you need to avoid damaging the furniture when removing these floors.



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