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How to install wooden floor?

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How to install wooden floor?

More and more people like to choose wood flooring when decorating their homes, not only because it is a symbol of lifestyle, but also because it has the advantages of good heating effect, noise reduction, and more comfortable and moist feet. Do you know how to install solid wooden floors? What precautions need to be known in advance?



Precautions before floor paving

1. Measuring ground water content

Check the waterproof measures to see if there is water leakage in the house. If so, it should be treated before laying the floor; use a moisture content tester to measure the moisture content of the ground. The required standard for ordinary floors is <20%, and the required standard for geothermal floors is <10%. If the moisture content is too high, dehumidify it first, otherwise the floor will easily absorb water and expand, causing problems such as arching, drumming, and noise.


2. Check the flatness of the ground

Use a 2M ruler to lay on the ground, and use a 3mm feeler gauge to check the gap between the ruler and the ground. If the ground is not level, it needs to be leveled with a spatula. If the flatness is not up to the standard, it will cause problems such as floor chipping, warping, arching, and abnormal noise. Knock the ground with a screwdriver handle or a hammer to check whether there are holes or peeling on the ground; if so, you need to re-treat the ground.


3. Check the environment for termites

This is often overlooked, because termites are not easy to spot. Therefore, the termite inspection and prevention works must be done before floor paving, otherwise the entire floor and even all wood products in the house will be seriously harmed.



Precautions for floor installation

Generally, we will choose the suspended paving method for laminate flooring, first paving a layer of mats on the ground, and then paving the floor. This has two advantages. One is that the existence of the floor mat can prevent the floor from being damaged by moisture, and the other is that it can cushion the ground and the floor, reduce the friction between the floor and the ground caused by the weight of the human body, and extend the service life of the floor. .


One thing to note is that when laying the floor mat, the floor mat and the floor mat cannot be reattached, and the joint should be pasted with tape. The floor should be installed from the left side of the room, with the notched side facing the wall, adding special pads.


At the same time, an expansion gap of 8-12 mm should be reserved to avoid swelling and deformation of the wooden floor due to increased moisture content. If the reserved gap is not enough, it will cause swelling and arching between the floor and the floor. The joints between the floors should be tight, there should be no obvious height difference between the floor and the floor (<0.15mm), and no obvious gap (<0.15mm).



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