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How to maintain the vinyl flooring

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How to maintain the vinyl flooring

Many people will have an idea that in order to make the vinyl floor look more perfect, people will want to install underlay under the premium vinyl flooring, which is actually unnecessary. The vinyl floor contains a gasket when it is designed, which improves the function of the vinyl floor and also improves the comfort of people. If an underlay is installed before the vinyl wood planks, it will only be a meaningless work and expense.

The functions of underlay:

Floor underlays are generally used to assist in floor work. Don't underestimate the underlay, it can be a part of the solid foundation of the vinyl wood plank flooring, which can determine the sound insulation performance and comfort of the floor and prolong the service life of the floor. Although the underlay is laid under the floor and cannot be seen by naked eyes, we can really benefit from it in our ordinary life.

The process of installing simple underlay is far less complicated than imagined. Floor underlay can protect the wood look flooring, avoid some possible problems in the lower floor during use, and save manpower and material resources to repair it. It is waterproof and moisture-proof, and will not deform due to contact with water or high humidity environment, and will not make water penetrate the vinyl flooring that looks like wood. The floor can be prevented from cracking, and the floor pads are flat and tightly connected, thus preventing the floor from cracking.

Some furniture can easily leave dents on the floor when it is left for a long time, and it will also cause a big impact on the waterproof hardwood flooring when it falls down. The underlay is very dense, so it has a good supporting force and will not be affected by this. Underlay can effectively reduce indoor footsteps and outdoor noise by 30%, especially for friends who live on the second floor or above, the effect of isolating noise downstairs is better, and their own voices will not disturb neighbors. The underlay is elastic and has good heat insulation performance, so it can feel very comfortable and warm even when walking barefoot on the parquet wood flooring.

How do you maintain vinyl floors?

Cleaning and maintaining vinyl floor is very simple and easy. Besides some basic cleaning procedures, you can do other things to prolong the life of vinyl floor. You can use protective mats at entrance ways to trap dirt and grime that would otherwise be tracked onto your waterproof wood flooring. Mats without latex or rubber backings are recommended to avoid possible discolouration. And you can use furniture and appliance pads and casters to protect your wood effect vinyl flooring from indentation. Use large surface, non-staining floor protectors on furniture legs and equip heavy furniture and appliances with flat, non-staining casters.

Where can vinyl be fitted?

Vinyl is one of the most common flooring materials, which is very suitable for domestic or heavy-duty commercial use. However, wood look vinyl flooring also has various classifications, and different classifications have different applications and its wear resistance. Of course, vinyl is completely waterproof, so it is very suitable for installation in bathrooms or kitchens.


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