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The Charm of Wooden Floors

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The Charm of Wooden Floors

If you want to say what kind of floor material can show the home temperament, it is the natural wooden floors. The natural wood material has an authentic simplicity and is integrated into the interior design, which shows a simple and extraordinary classic. In this article, let us go to experience the charm of wooden floors together.


The wooden floor in the impression


Natural wood flooring is a commonly used flooring material in home decoration design. It is made of wood and is mainly divided into solid wood flooring, laminate wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring and so on.


Usually the natural texture of wooden floor is fresh and natural, and the texture of wood is warm and comfortable. When laid on the ground, it can dissolve the cold feeling in the space and bring a warm and comfortable experience. Therefore, the score of value and security are high. Next, we will talk those things about laying wooden floors.


The methods of laying wooden floors




This is a direct and simple way of paving. It is visually extended through horizontal and vertical expressions, which can expand the space infinitely. So, this way is straightforward and simple.


Classic word


Compared with the flat and straightforward, the paving of the I-character is more varied. The misalignment of the front and back rows gives it a neat and uniform aesthetic. It usually has two ways of tiling and slanting, which can also be subdivided into one-half, one-third and other arrangements. Of course, if you don't have much requirement for the spatial visual sense, you can choose tiled tiles. If you want to create a three-dimensional and vivid visual effect, you may try the diagonal tile method.


Simple enclosure shape


For laying method of enclosure shape, in simple terms, it is to lay four squares together to form an enclosure shape. In fact, the seemingly simple laying has a refreshing visual sense, which is three-dimensional and interesting.


Herringbone shape


For herringbone shape, the name is from western English. It is also named "human shape". Usually it is divided into three ways: single chevron, double chevron and straight flat chevron. The unit panels are rectangular, staggered, and full of layers. They are a great tool for creating a three-dimensional space.


Personality fish bone fight


Chevron is an advanced game play of herringbone. The unit boards are diamond-shaped, and they are arranged neatly and orderly along the center line. They look like fish bones along the lines, which has great visual impact. This breaks through the traditional splicing method. After the interlaced stacking of the wooden boards, it presents a vivid and interesting three-dimensional effect, which gives this square inch a different tone.


Mix and match tile stickers


Mixing and matching beautiful wooden floors and tiles is a very creative way to lay floor. The warmth of wood meets the hardness of ceramic tiles, and the beauty is unconsciously deduced. The staggered arrangement and the collision of different materials make it unique at a glance, and it is full of beauty.



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