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Unveiling Power Dekor Group's Innovations: Redefining Spaces at DOMOTEXasia 2023

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Unveiling Power Dekor Group's Innovations: Redefining Spaces at DOMOTEXasia 2023


DOMOTEXasia 2023 witnessed the rise of Power Dekor Group as an industry trailblazer, captivating visitors with a showcase of innovative products and revolutionary technologies. As a frontrunner in the flooring sector, Power Dekor embarked on a journey to redefine how it perceives and interacts with consumers' living spaces.


Silica Mineral Wall Panel: LuxeStone & Mosaic EasyTile

(Former Name: Quartz Core)


The spotlight shone on our remarkable Silica Mineral Wall Panels – LuxeStone and Mosaic EasyTile. These transformative panels boast non-plastic construction stability, offering a reliable solution to common installation issues. LuxeStone, crafted through the High-Definition scanning of luxury stones, offers an unmatched touch of opulence while overcoming the hassle of sourcing and installing real stone. Meanwhile, the versatile Mosaic EasyTile ensures easy installation and limitless design possibilities, eliminating the complexity and inconvenience of intricate tiling.

Silica Mineral Floors & Veneered Silica Mineral Floors

(Former Name: Quartz Core)

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Innovating beyond traditional paradigms, Silica Mineral Floors are nothing short of revolutionary. By embracing non-plastic materials, we merge sustainability with captivating aesthetics, solving the problem of compromising on appearance for eco-friendliness. What sets Power Dekor floors apart is their construction stability; even after boiling, they exhibit no expansion or warping, addressing the concern of durability. Silica Mineral Floors are not just surfaces; they're reflections of conscious design choices, offering both style and substance. Alongside, the Veneered Silica Mineral Floors embody sophistication, combining the resilience of silica minerals with the timeless beauty of veneer, presenting a solution to the struggle between elegance and longevity.

Revolutionizing Vinyl Floors with EIR Technology: Herringbone Vinyl Floors 


We harnessed the power of EIR (Embossed in Register) technology to craft our Herringbone Vinyl Floors. This innovation bridges the gap between the synthetic and the organic, offering nature's textures beneath your feet, counteracting the cold, sterile feel of traditional vinyl floors. Every step on these floors is a tactile connection with authenticity, enhancing daily comfort.

Next-Generation SPC Wall Panels


Power Dekor SPC Wall Panels redefine wall aesthetics through digital printing technology, addressing the monotony of plain walls. They're more than just coverings; they're design statements. These panels embrace innovation while delivering impeccable construction stability, addressing the need for visually appealing yet structurally reliable wall solutions.

Diamond Gard SPC Floors


Crafted to endure, Diamond Gard SPC Floors harmonize style and strength. Featuring a coating system that provides ultra-scratch resistance, they withstand daily wear and tear, a common pain point for flooring. This offers peace of mind to homeowners seeking lasting beauty.

VSPC Floors


Designed for those who seek a warm foot feel and the properties of SPC Floors, Power Dekor VSPC Floors are a marriage of comfort and durability. These floors directly address the need for flooring that's both inviting and tough, delivering a cozy experience without compromising on toughness.

Waterproof Laminate Floors


Power Dekor Waterproof Laminate Floors combine the allure of wood aesthetics with the resilience of modern technology. Having passed the rigorous NALFA standard and test, they embody quality, safety, and performance, eliminating the worry of water damage and ensuring longevity in wet-prone areas.

Veneered HDF Floors


Blending form and function, Power Dekor Veneered HDF Floors encapsulate elegance and durability. With an optional waterproof HDF core and a layer of veneer on top, they offer versatility and style, directly addressing the challenge of balancing aesthetics and practicality. This provides a solution to the common dilemma of choosing between beauty and functionality.

Redefined Digital Printing


Power Dekor Digital Printing technology redefines possibilities, turning mundane walls into artistic canvases. Dive into limitless design horizons, curating spaces that echo individuality and addressing the desire for unique interiors. This addresses the frustration of cookie-cutter décor options.

DOMOTEXasia 2023 marked a turning point; it was a platform where Power Dekor Group showcased a vision extending beyond conventional flooring. Through innovation, technology, and design, the Group reimagines the connection between people and spaces. Power Dekor Group's innovations at DOMOTEXasia 2023 have set new benchmarks in the industry. The Group's commitment to innovation and sustainability remains steadfast, steering group members toward a future where spaces are not just lived in but experienced profoundly.





Power Dekor ensures floorings and wall panels practicability, fashion and safety for users through inventive technologies and innovative designs. Supported by a specific know-how of the flooring & wall panel industry and the technological capacity to improve decoration solutions, Power Dekor enables its products to become and stay resilient in a changing world.


Power Dekor is founded in 1995 and headquartered in Shanghai, China.


Power Dekor CEO Jianjun Chen


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