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What Details Need to Be Paid Attention To in Floor Installation?

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What Details Need to Be Paid Attention To in Floor Installation?

Floor installation is a very meticulous job, especially for solid wood flooring installation. Usually a little carelessness will cause the floor installation to fail. Today, let us introduce you the most easily overlooked details in floor installation work.

Select great floor installer

We know the decoration project is good or bad which has an extremely important relationship with the decoration workers. Therefore, the owners must choose the decoration workers carefully. When choosing the decoration workers, don't look at the model rooms they did, you should go to some ordinary customers’ house or go to the construction site to see how the workers do, and then communicate with other customers to see whether the workers do the good job or not, and whether the owners have good impression for the workers. In addition, you should communicate more with selected workers. It is best to choose those with better communication skills. If you encounter workers with poor communication skills, it is easy to cause disputes when meeting problems in the process of wood floor installation.

Five details are easily overlooked in floor installation work.

1. The choice of time and weather.

When installing wood floor, you had better to choose the right time and the right weather. If the material of wood floor is solid wood, it has the characteristics of expansion and contraction. Therefore, the influence of temperature is relatively large. When installing the floor, around two in the afternoon is the best time. At this time, it is relatively moderate. And the season is best to choose spring and autumn, and it is better to install new wood floor on sunny days.

2. Pretreatment of floor installation.

The floor is not installed immediately after you buy it home. Put it in a cool and dry place, and pay attention to moisture. It is best to protect it with plastic film, because damp and moldy wood floors will greatly reduce the service life of wood floor.

3. The treatment of the ground before paving.

Before the floor is laid, the bedroom and living room should be cleaned. If possible, it is best to brush a thin layer of cement on the floor to remove stains.

4. The choice of floor mats.

Floor mats are a layer of moisture-proof measures between the floor and the ground. The main types are aluminum film floor mats, special plastic floor mats, paper floor mats etc., which can be selected according to your own requirement.

5. The method of paving.

Usually the installers will ask you about paving method of wood flooring before installing. Usually it mainly divided into keel paving method, direct pasting method and suspension paving method. The solid wood composite floor mainly adopts suspended paving method, which can be used two paving ways. One saves materials and another is more beautiful. The specific paving method depends on the size of the room.

Above are the details which people easily overlook in the floor installation. You must pay attention to it during the actual installation of wood flooring. Otherwise you will spend more money and time.


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