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Will You Install the Flooring Under the Dresser?

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Will You Install the Flooring Under the Dresser?

When decorating a house, if you install the floor first, then the floor may be scratched by the furniture when you install the furniture, thus affecting the appearance of the floor. If you install the furniture first, then when you install the floor, you need to move some furniture, which may cause damage to the furniture. When you are installing a dresser, you also need to face this problem. So, should you install a floor under the dresser? 


Obviously, a lot of people will install ceramic tiles under the dresser, because the ceramic tiles have good waterproof performance. If your dresser is installed in the toilet, the floor under the dresser will be wetted by water. If you install traditional wooden floors under the dresser, they will soon change color and even rot. In addition, the hardness of ceramic tile is greater than that of wood floor, so it is not easy to be scratched by dresser or other furniture.


In addition to installing tiles, some people will install vinyl plank flooring under the dresser. Vinyl click flooring can be glued to the floor, and they don't expand or contract with temperature, so they're not easily damaged. Also, vinyl flooring is more waterproof than traditional wood flooring, so they can also be installed in wet places such as toilets.


Compared to tiles, white vinyl flooring also has the advantage of being easier to cut. If you want to install engineered vinyl flooring in the toilet, you don't have to remove the dresser, toilet and other items. You can cut vinyl flooring based on the shape of the furniture and stick it to the floor. Finally, you need to use silicone to seal the gap between the wood effect vinyl flooring and the furniture to make it waterproof. If you install tiles under the dresser, the tiles become slippery when they get wet. If you stand on the tile at this time, you may fall. Compared with ceramic tile, black vinyl flooring has better antiskid performance. Even if the PVC vinyl flooring gets wet, you don't fall easily. In addition to waterproof vinyl flooring, laminate wood flooring is also a good choice. Laminate wood flooring has better waterproof performance than ordinary wood flooring, so they can be installed in the toilet. If you need to install laminate wood flooring in the toilet, you need to install them first, and then install the dresser, toilet, etc.


If your dressing table is installed in the bedroom, cloakroom and other relatively dry rooms, then you do not need to install ceramic tiles under the dresser, you can install hardwood floor. It should be noted that if you want to install a hardwood floor under the dresser, you need to install the hardwood floor first and then the dresser. But if you want to install cushioned vinyl flooring under the dresser and other flooring that needs to be glued to the ground, you need to install the dresser first, and then install the vinyl flooring.



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