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Color Trends of Vinyl Flooring For 2020

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Color Trends of Vinyl Flooring For 2020

Nowadays, people still like the appearance of hardwood when decorating, so it is no wonder that luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) will continue to maintain its popular trajectory. Compared with traditional hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring is more environmentally friendly and“greener”. And as long as you can think of fashionable wood colors, it has them. Without traditional hardwood, you can make your space warm and comfortable. However, with the development of the times, the style has changed. Colors such as white, gray, light tones, high variations, etc. all become popular in 2020.

Blonde Brilliance

If you want your room not to be so dull, and you want the house to have a light and airy feel, lighter colors are a good choice. For example, luxury vinyl flooring with golden wood appearance. Lighter tones will not only become a timeless classic trend, but also make the room feel larger and more open. And light colors can match many styles, such as country or modern style, casual or high-end style, residential or commercial style.

Gray Goods

Gray is not only a popular color in 2020, but also a popular floor color at all times. Unlike black vinyl flooring or white vinyl flooring, whether you like light or dark colors, your eyes will shine when you see the gray vinyl flooring. Gray allows you to match any color, from monochromatic tones to black and white to bright and bold colors. In addition to the modern cool colors that have been very popular in the past few years, there are also many different types of gray vinyl flooring. You can choose warm greiges, dark charcoals or gray-browns, which can give you an updated look with traditional undertones.

Gorgeous Graphics

Recently, decorative vinyl has become the newest trend.Vinyl flooring is more than just a single color. There is also patterned vinyl flooring or various graphics vinyl flooring, such as herringbone vinyl flooring, marble vinyl flooring or hexagon vinyl flooring. You can use them to create a unique feeling and decide freely deformable styles to form a large pattern. And because of vinyl flooring comparison installation, you can also arrange parquet vinyl flooring on the grid design. When using multiple colors or monochromatic tones, you need to be as cautious as you want to take risks. The kitchen, bathroom and entrance are some of the best places to try more creative floors.

Powerful Pigments

People are usually used to some common colors, but rainbow-colored vinyl flooring,such as red or yellow which are far from natural tones, are also good choices. Actually, you do not need to use them in your home. This trend is primarily popular in commercial spaces as accents that wake up more subdued floors. But if your design claims are bold, the trend may be exactly what you need to create a happier house.


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