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Do you need underlay for vinyl?

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Do you need underlay for vinyl?

High-end vinyl flooring (LVF) covers high-end vinyl imitation stone tiles (LVT) and high-end vinyl imitation wood flooring (LVP). The selection of corresponding categories reflects different aesthetic standards. Some people like limestone or marble style of LVT parquet vinyl flooring, while others like Papua ebony or tropical bamboo style of LVP floor. However, they all have the properties of high-end vinyl floor, such as wear resistance, low maintenance and high cost performance.

At present, most cushioned vinyl floorings or luxurious vinyl tiles on the market do not need an underlay, because there is a base layer in the design of vinyl floors, which is meaningless if the base layer is added continuously. The base layer in vinyl floors is very durable and feels very comfortable when walking on such spc vinyl flooring. One of the reasons why vinyl floors need gaskets most is that the underlying surface is uneven or there are some wet problems.

In home decoration, Paving a brand-new floor is the most anticipated part, and now there are many best engineered wood floorings on the market for us to choose from. For carpets, the underlay is needed, because it can soften the feeling of stepping on the floor, and the cushion can also help you prolong the service life of the carpet, because the cushion can absorb the impact of your feet and will not make the carpet deform with time. According to this truth, the underlay of vinyl should also be installed, which can buffer the force of feet on the floor and prolong the life of non slip vinyl flooring, but this is not the case, so is the bottom layer necessary for vinyl floor?

Why underlay is not needed for vinyl?

When it comes to the underlay for vinyl floor, it is generally not required. Many people think that best lvp flooring needs underlay, but the fact is that the design of this floor does not need the bottom layer, because the era of having the thinnest vinyl waterproof board has passed, which saves customers' consumption, but people still want to know the reason.

The current premium vinyl flooring includes a buffer base layer, which is similar to the function of vinyl underlay. Therefore, it is meaningless to install the underlay for vinyl floor, which means that once the floor is installed, there is no need to move the floor. This is a unique design of vinyl floor, and if you add a bottom layer for vinyl floor, it will increase the risk of perforation and depression. Perforation and dent are the biggest enemies of vinyl, because such marks are difficult to hide. If scratches appear, the best way is to glue it down or replace the whole pergo vinyl flooring. Vinyl is a relatively cheap floor, so even if you want to replace the whole floor, it won't cost you a lot of budget.

What does this mean?

Although the hexagon vinyl flooring does not need an underlay, you should also ensure that the underlay floor is completely flat, smooth and clean before installing the vinyl floor. If there are any slopes, dents or rough places on the underlay flooring, this will be displayed on the installation of thick sheet vinyl flooring. In the past, the vinyl underlay also required a sum of money, but now the vinyl cost is much lower, so it is more acceptable to consumers.


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