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Factors affecting the wood flooring market

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Factors affecting the wood flooring market

Nowadays, many consumers have a great affection for green buildings and residences, and their preference for such buildings is increasing, so the global wooden flooring cost is likely to grow greatly in the next few years. In the past few years, due to the progress of raw materials and the development of printing technology, the demand of wood like flooring market has been further improved. Some manufacturers specializing in wood flooring products provide various colors and designs, thus further enhancing the interior aesthetics.


Moreover, some manufacturers are constantly improving in innovative design and efficient service, which will promote the global hand scraped wood flooring market. In addition, factors such as repair and maintenance also stimulate the demand for wood flooring, and wood flooring is durable and easy to install, which is favored by customers in the flooring industry. However, fluctuations in raw material costs may affect the growth of the global plywood for flooring market.



Regional analysis


The global wood flooring market is mainly divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and other parts of the world. In 2018, Asia-Pacific has occupied about 50% of the market share, and it has also become the fastest growing market, and will maintain its dominant position in anticipation. With the passage of time, emerging economies such as China and India have also increased their investment in some public and private sector infrastructure construction projects. This will create some opportunities for the light wood laminate market in China and India.


North America is the second largest market and will show sustainable growth in the forecast period. Moreover, the North American market is also actively influenced by major market participants. Europe accounts for about 23% of the market share in the whole vinyl wood plank flooring industry. The construction industry in residential, commercial and industrial sectors is constantly developing, which will also promote the demand of hardwood flooring markets in different regions.





Now, the global wood flooring market is subdivided according to products, applications and regions. According to products, the global market is divided into solid wood and engineering departments. According to applications, the global market is mainly divided into residential, commercial and industrial sectors. From the product point of view, solid oak flooring will become the largest part and will maintain a leading position in the next few years. The main reason is that solid wood has a very suitable price.


However, due to its favorable characteristics, For example, dimensional stability and cost-effectiveness will have the greatest growth rate, which makes engineered timber flooring very popular among manufacturers. According to different applications, the market of wood flooring is mainly divided into three parts: residential, commercial and industrial. At present, the residential application market will occupy the largest market share, which is mainly due to the increasing population of emerging economies such as China, India and Brazil. Therefore, on the basis of promoting the demand of residential buildings, it also promotes the development of laminate wood flooring. Therefore, it is predicted that the residential application field will still show sustainable growth in the next period of time.


The global market competition of wood flooring is fierce and many large companies are also competing. Different companies will adopt different strategies to expand their global influence ability and increase their foothold in the global sanding hardwood floors market. Generally speaking, the key strategies these companies will adopt include expansion, investment, acquisition and contract.




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