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Floor Transition Is Very Important

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Floor Transition Is Very Important

Flooring transitions may play an extremely important role in the interior design of residential or commercial buildings. Understanding the role of transition and how to improve the overall beauty of the interior space plays a great role in decorating your house. But understanding why flooring transitions is sometimes necessary, choosing the right type of transition is often challenging and difficult.



What is a floor transition


When looking for flooring options for a house, you usually don’t just choose one flooring material. If you want to introduce different flooring styles on a similar level without the help of anything, it may be a little tricky. Flooring transitions can help you to solve the problem.



The purpose of a floor transition


The goal of a floor transition is not only to make the joints between different types of floors look neater, but also to protect the edges of the floor from wear and traffic. In some cases (such as laminate flooring or real wood flooring ), even if the floors on both sides of the transition device are the same, you need to install a transition device in the doorway to protect the floor due to its expansion and contraction.



What are Floor Reducers


Floor reducers are used to soften the height difference between hard-surfaced floors (such as sanding hardwood floors, maple laminate flooring or ceramic tiles) and low-profile floors (such as carpets or cheap vinyl flooring). This kind of transition reduces the possibility of tripping when moving from one type of floor to another.



What is T-moulding flooring


T-moulding can also be called T-moulds which is designed to reduce the gap between two different types of hard floors. T-moulding has many advantages. They not only provide a beautiful finished edge, but also protect the edges of two different types of floors. In addition, they are also important if you install a floating floor such as engineered floating floor or when the floor has cracks or depressions.


In addition, there is also a T-moulding mold on the market called an offset T-moulding. Generally speaking, the use of offset T-moulds is the same as that of conventional T-moulds, but when there is a height difference between two different types of hard floors, for example when you choose vinyl hardwood flooring and manufactured hardwood flooring , offset T-shaped molds are more useful.



Flooring End Caps


Flooring end caps allow for better cleaning between carpet flooring and a hard surface floor, or trim the area around the stair railing or fireplace.


Flat Metal


When switching between two different styles of the same floor ,a flat metal can cover and protect these cut edges.



Bevel Bar


Bevel bars are made of metal and are a low-cost and effective method of transitioning between sheet vinyl flooring and low-pile carpet flooring.



Channel & Cap


Channel & cap is a two piece transition, such as a metal track and a rubber e-cap which is  available in a variety of colors.


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