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Home Floor Decoration: Teach You the Art of Mixing

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Home Floor Decoration: Teach You the Art of Mixing

The mix of wood floors and ceramic tiles has been widely used in the design of home furnishings as a trend of fashionable home decoration. How to make good use of the ground decoration art of mixing? And what mixing method is there?


Different materials strike out personality


The most commonly used floor materials for decoration are different style wood floors including solid wood floor, laminated wood floor, floor tiles, etc. The floor is made of wood materials, the decoration style is back to the original, the texture is natural, and the visual is relatively mild. If it is wood floor, it will feel comfortable to walk because of the treatment of the ground keel. In terms of matching, it can be well integrated according to the color of the furniture and the style of the home. In terms of floor tiles, ceramic tiles are often used in home furnishings. For example, they have better antifouling properties, low water absorption, high wear resistance, uniform size, and easy construction. Both are relatively environmentally friendly, so they have the highest penetration rate as a floor material.


The methods to mix ground materials


Usually there are some tricks to mix and match ground materials. Mastering the tips of mixing wood floor and floor tiles can make the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. 


First, we must solve the problem of the height difference between home wood floor and floor tiles. For example, the thickness of solid wood floor is 18 mm, and the floor tiles are about 12 mm. The solid wood floor and the floor tiles should be combined in the same space, and they will be dry-laid with cement mortar so that the floor tiles are on the same level as the floor after installation.


Secondly, we must deal with the joints of wood floor and floor tiles. One method is natural splicing. The cross-section of wood floor needs to be completely in a straight line with the floor tiles. This requires high degree for stability of the floor, and there must be enough expansion joints in the other section of the floor. If you want the joints of the wood floor and floor tiles to be excessively natural, you can use pressure lines to process, for example, you use copper bars, wood-like aluminum alloy lines etc., which can effectively combine the floor and floor tiles. And this way can reserve expansion joints perfectly.


Third, the most common way to mix and match in the indoor space is the combination of floor tiles in the bathroom and the floor in the external space. Generally, the floor tiles in the bathroom will be laid 20 mm lower than wood floor of external space in order to prevent the water from flowing out of the bathroom. People often use marble and granite as threshold stones to separate the floor and the floor tiles. The thickness of the marble can be used to smoothly connect the floor tiles of the bathroom and the external wood floor.



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