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How Long Is the Service Life of Laminate Flooring?

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How Long Is the Service Life of Laminate Flooring?

Since laminate flooring entered the market, it has been claimed that its life span can reach 10-15 years, even some as long as 30 years. The basis of this data mainly refers to the wear resistance of the surface. Due to composite reinforcement, different degrees of wear and tear at different positions will affect the overall decoration of the floor, though the service life of the floor is not exhausted completely. In this article, we will introduce for you some knowledge about the service life of laminate flooring.

What makes the service life of floor shorten?

After a lot of research and use of laminate floor, it has been found that the decorative layer of the worn floor surface is basically intact, and most of them have abrasion and whiteness at the edges. This is because any item has the most easily worn parts, and the edges of the items are the most easily worn parts. The laminate floorings edges are also most likely to be worn.

For example, the edges of tables and chairs will be worn out if they are used for a long time; the cuffs and necklines of shirts in daily life are easily worn out; the edges of benches, handbags, and wallets are also easy to be worn out when they are used for a long time. These are all normal phenomena. This is the reason the edge of the object has a high probability of contact and is first worn out.

Similarly, no matter how precise the workmanship of laminate floor is, the floor also has seams. For example, if two books of the same thickness or objects of the same thickness are spliced together, even if the gap is invisible to the naked eye, the surface of a single object will feel smooth when touched by hand. When the hand touches the seam of two objects, there will be an obvious sense of unevenness. It is the unevenness to cause the edges worn firstly.

How to make the laminate floor joints not easy to be worn? How to make the edge of the floor no longer whitened or appear white lines? It is a problem in the laminate flooring industry, which needs to be solved. If the edge of the floor is effectively protected, it will be not easy to be touched or worn. That is to say, after special treatment for the laminate floors corners, the edge of the floor can reach the same strength and wear resistance as the normal surface of laminate floor. This can solve the bottleneck problem of floor wear, so that it can effectively prolong the service life of the laminate floor.

The care and maintenance of laminate floor

We know the proper care and maintenance can prolong the service life of floor. And the care and maintenance of laminate flooring is relatively simple. The floor does not need waxing and painting in daily life, and it do not use sandpaper to polish. You just ensure the normal use of laminate floor, which can increase the service life of the floor.

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