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How to Choose Wood Flooring?

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How to Choose Wood Flooring?

With improvement of people's living standard, various wood floorings are gradually integrated into people's lives. At the same time, solid wood floors are also loved by many young users, and are widely used in bedroom floor decoration. Then how to choose wood flooring?


1. Choose the right floor with the reasonable budget for your home


First of all, choose the suitable materials for the floor. It depends on your preference and your budget. Maybe some people prefer carpet, and others might prefer laminated wood floors. The important thing is that you make sure that you can find the right materials at a price that works for you. If you can afford the price of solid wood flooring, and it is your favorite floor, it is possible for you to get a wood floor with high quality. Of course, it is the right option for you.


2. At present, there are two types of wood flooring on the market, one is solid wood flooring and the other is composite wood flooring. There are many types and specifications of wood floors, and the range of color selection is wide, but the construction is more complicated, and the anti-rot, anti-deformation and durability are not as good as the composite wooden floor. Composite wood flooring has the advantages of simple construction and good physical and chemical properties, but the color tone and pattern are single, and the decorative personality is worse. You should choose the floor material that you are satisfied with according to your personal aesthetics in order to achieve a satisfactory decoration effect.


3. If you choose wood flooring to decorate the bedroom floor, there are currently two types of products on the market: one is spray paint, and the other is plain board. The spray-painted floor is easy to construct, but the finished floor does not have complete paint film protection, which will inevitably affect the service life and daily cleaning of the floor. Although the construction process of the plain board is more complicated, the ground after completion is smooth, especially the final floor painted can form an overall protective paint film on the ground, which can effectively prevent dust and water from penetrating into the wood layer. Therefore, if the construction period and economic conditions permit, it is recommended that unpainted plain boards should be selected as much as possible.


4. On the market, the price difference between wood floors is very big. The main reason is that the color difference of low grade is very large, but it does not affect the use. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy all the high-grade floors when buying. During construction, the floor of the bed, cabinet, table, and under the counter can use lower grade wooden floor, which will not affect the overall decoration effect, and it can help you to save the decoration cost.


The floor selection of the living room must be carefully checked. After all, living room is the place people often stay comparing with other places. Therefore, people must be careful when choosing the floor of the living room.



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