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How to Remove the Black Mold Stains on the Wood Flooring?

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How to Remove the Black Mold Stains on the Wood Flooring?

Mold can grow in wet places. If you find that the wood flooring in your home is blackened, it indicates that some mold is growing on the wood flooring. Wood flooring can absorb moisture, so you need to avoid sprinkling water on it. But if the ground under the wood flooring is wet, you need to take some waterproof measures during construction. You can use wood bleach to kill the mold on the waterproof wood flooring, but it will also destroy the original color of the wood flooring.

How to Kill Mold on Wood Floor Surface

Molds only grow in damp environments, so first you have to keep your wood flooring dry. You can use an air conditioner or a fan to dry black wood flooring. In addition, you can also open the doors and windows of the room to keep the room well ventilated, which can also dry the wood flooring. If mold grows on the surface of the painted wood flooring and does not penetrate into the interior of the flooring, you can use a mixture of chlorine bleach and water to clean the wood flooring. However, chlorine will be produced in the case of improper use of chlorine bleach, and chlorine is a toxic gas. If you want a safer way to kill mold, you can use the special flooring cleaner. Since bleach will destroy the original color of the light oak flooring, you need to apply a layer of oil or wax to the affected wood flooring to restore the color of the wood flooring after using bleach to clean the flooring.

How to Remedy Moldy Wood Flooring?

When you find that your wood flooring starts to turn black, mold usually has penetrated into the interior of the parquet wood flooring. To remedy moldy wood flooring, first you need to let it dry thoroughly. After that, you need to use a sanding machine to grind off the finish so that you can use bleach to kill the mold. After that, use a solution containing baking soda to clean the engineered parquet flooring. If this doesn't remove the black mold stains from the vinyl wood plank flooring, you can use saturated oxalic acid solution to treat the wood flooring, and finally rinse it with baking soda solution.

Staining and Refinishing

After using the chlorine bleach to kill mold in the wood effect flooring, the wood grain will be raised. At this point, you need to use sandpaper to polish the bleached wood flooring. In grinding, it is best to gently use sandpaper to rub the wood flooring to avoid the disappearance of wood grain. Then, find a colorant similar to the color of the solid oak flooring, if not, use a light color colorant. You can adjust the color of the colorant by adding pigment to it. After that, apply the colorant to the bleached wood flooring. Wait until the colorant is dry, then apply a layer of oil on the surface of the wood flooring to prevent the colorant from fading.


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