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How to better sound insulation of the bedroom?

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How to better sound insulation of the bedroom?

Noise is an invisible killer that kills sleep. The sound of outside cars and people, the sound of TV in the living room, the sound of running water in the bathroom, the sound of walking upstairs, the cry of the bear and the child next door... These noises from all directions will always reduce our sleep quality. The most important thing in bedroom decoration is sound insulation. Today, I will explain some easy and effective sound insulation methods for everyone!



Sound insulation tip 1: windows

Data shows that 90% of indoor noise comes from windows. Choose window frames and sound insulation strips with better sound insulation, which can achieve a certain sound insulation effect. Vacuum glass has the best sound insulation. For those with low requirements for sound insulation, you can choose insulating glass or laminated glass;


It is recommended to choose plastic steel or aluminum alloy for window frames, which can isolate 70%-80% of noise. For the sound insulation strips necessary to eliminate noise, it is recommended to choose leather wrapped sound-absorbing cotton, which has good toughness and is not easy to age, which is conducive to long-term use.



Sound insulation tip 2: door

Generally, solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors have the best sound insulation, but it also depends on the filling material. The filling is generally solid wood cube, honeycomb paper, density board, particle board, etc. Among them, particleboard has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance, so the door with particleboard core has better sound insulation effect.



Sound insulation tip 3: wall

Sound insulation felt can be installed in the wall, which can effectively organize the sound transmission in both directions. Because it is embedded in the wall, it will not affect the normal wall decoration.


If the sound insulation effect is not satisfactory, you can consider using soft packs at home, such as TV background wall, bedside background wall, and partial wall of the corridor. The soft bag is filled with Australian pine board, and the surface layer is made of leather or cloth, which has the function of sound absorption while taking into account the beauty.



Sound insulation tip 4: ceiling

When decorating, there are basically suspended ceilings and gypsum boards for the construction of the ceiling. You can try to install a soundproof layer above the suspended ceiling to transform it into a soundproof ceiling, which can achieve the purpose of sound insulation. Of course, sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing materials such as sound-absorbing cotton and sound-proof felt can also be added, but in terms of appearance, it is not beautiful and it is easy to fall off.



Sound insulation tip 5: floor

Sound insulation of the various floor is good for others. Sometimes if you want to jump around, you have to take into account the feeling downstairs to prevent complaints. Laminate wood flooring, cushioned vinyl flooring, composite wood flooring, cork floor, solid wood flooring and other functional flooring are all good choices.



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