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How to buy satisfactory laminate flooring?

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How to buy satisfactory laminate flooring?

In the decoration process, laminate flooring has become the "economical choice" for many families due to its advantages of wear resistance, scratch resistance, low price, and easy care. However, in order to buy satisfactory laminate wood flooring, this knowledge needs to be understood!



The structure of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is divided into wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base material layer and balance layer. The life and durability of laminate flooring mainly depends on the wear-resistant layer and substrate layer. The wear-resistant layer is a layer of wear-resistant paper containing aluminum oxide. The higher the content of aluminum oxide, the more wear-resistant; the substrate layer is made of high-density fiberboard, which has high density, uniform structure and better stability.


The appearance of laying laminate flooring mainly depends on the decorative layer. The essence of the decorative layer is a piece of wood-grain paper. With the maturity of scanning and synchronous embossing technology, the effects of drawing, antique, embossing, and hand-graining can be achieved. The wood grain and feel are getting closer to pure solid wood, and the stability and cost performance are high. Compared with solid wood flooring, the main advantage of high gloss laminate flooring is that it overcomes the defects of the wood itself, the structure is more stable, and the price is relatively more affordable.



Precautions for purchasing laminate flooring

1. Proof of environmental protection

Modern laminate flooring contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. If the amount of formaldehyde emission exceeds the national standard, it is harmful to the human body. You can choose products with the national environmental protection mark when purchasing; do not believe the shopping guide "zero formaldehyde", it is more reliable to provide certification materials such as environmental protection certificates and inspection reports.


2. Wear resistance coefficient is marked

During the processing of laminate vinyl plank, the surface layer will be covered with a layer of aluminum oxide, and aluminum oxide determines the wear resistance of the laminate flooring.


The higher the abrasion resistance of the floor does not mean the better, it can only be determined by adapting to the local living environment. The 4000-6000 rpm floor is generally used in family life, so it looks natural and the foot feels more comfortable when stepping on it. Experts point out that 4000 rpm or more is enough for most families.



3. The base material does not fall off

The base material of laminate flooring currently on the market basically comes from economic fast-growing forests, and wood is processed into MDF. The greater the density, the greater the internal bonding strength, and the better the board quality. When choosing laminate flooring, the whiter the base, the better the quality. Use your fingers to press the edge of the substrate to see if there is any dust off. If there is no powdery wood residue, the substrate is of good quality.



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