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How to choose the best floor for the kitchen?

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How to choose the best floor for the kitchen?

Determining a budget is the first step in choosing a new kitchen floor option. In addition to the price per square foot, there are more factors to consider when determining a kitchen floor budget. Some floor options require professional installation, which can quickly increase the total cost. In addition, some floor options have a short service life, which reduces their cost effectiveness. Within the budget, how should we choose the best floor for the kitchen?



Best budget-friendly kitchen floor options

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is more widely used in other rooms in the family, but it is an economical choice for kitchen flooring. Laminate flooring can give your kitchen floor the appearance of hardwood flooring, and the cost is similar to vinyl flooring. When using laminate flooring in the kitchen, you should pay special attention because the floor should not get wet.


Vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable kitchen flooring options. In addition, new designs and styles make vinyl flooring more attractive than before. Vinyl flooring comes in tile or spread form. Installation is cheap and maintenance costs are low.


Cork floor

Cork is a well-preserved secret in the world of kitchen flooring. It naturally insulates your floor to keep it warm and waterproof. Although cork flooring does have some disadvantages, such as being easily damaged, it is still a budget-friendly, low-maintenance kitchen flooring choice.


ceramic tile

Although the installation cost of tile flooring is higher than the other flooring options listed, its durability and long life make it a budget-friendly kitchen flooring option for long-term use.



Linoleum is often called "40-year flooring" because of its extremely high durability and long service life. Although more expensive than vinyl flooring at first, linoleum has a longer life span, which makes it an affordable investment choice in your home. Linoleum is also popular in the kitchen because of its resistance to scratches and other types of damage.




Precautions for kitchen decoration floor selection

1. Moisture resistance

The kitchen is a very humid place, and water vapor is one of the invisible killers of wooden floors. For floors with poor moisture-proof performance, once moisture enters, it will cause edge warping, bulging, corrosion and other phenomena, which will damage the life of the engineered wood flooring. Therefore, when choosing a kitchen wooden floor, you must choose a floor with good moisture resistance.


2. Fire resistance

When choosing wooden floors for kitchens, you should choose floors with good fire resistance, and you need to add fire-resistant paint. It is recommended to brush the fireproof paint 5-6 times when installing the solid wooden floor. When buying a floor, you can also use a lighter to burn to test the fire resistance of the floor.


3. Wear resistance

The kitchen will be stepped on frequently, and sometimes bumped and scratched, so the wear resistance of the floor is high. Kitchen laminate flooring has high wear resistance, and the general wear resistance index reaches 4000 revolutions to meet the demand.



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