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Several Common Mistakes in Installing Vinyl Flooring

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Several Common Mistakes in Installing Vinyl Flooring

Nowadays, the variety of flooring that people can choose is becoming more and more abundant, and the vinyl flooring is becoming more and more popular. However, in the process of installing vinyl plank flooring, you need to avoid some common installation mistakes. 



Inaccurate Measurement and Cutting

Although the price of waterproof vinyl plank flooring is not expensive, and its installation cost is about half of that of ceramic tile and one third of that of hardwood floor, when installing vinyl base plate, it is necessary to accurately cut them, otherwise various problems will appear during installation. Therefore, before buying waterproof vinyl flooring, you need to measure the size of the floor first, and then determine the size of the vinyl wood flooring according to this size.



Install Flooring Immediately after Purchase

Since vinyl flooring is temperature sensitive, you cannot install them immediately after purchase. After receiving the patterned vinyl flooring, it is recommended to keep them in the room for 24 hours so that they can adapt to the temperature in the room. 



To Save Time without Making Floor Models

Before installing the engineered vinyl plank flooring, you need to use sturdy felt paper to make a model of the floor so you can cut your floor accurately. 



Tear up the Old Floor

Although you can tear up the old floor before installing the vinyl flooring, if the old floor is dry, horizontal and clean, you can install the vinyl floor directly on the old floor. 



Did Not Read the Instruction of Flooring Adhesive before Installation

Before installing vinyl flooring, you need to read the instructions of the flooring adhesive carefully. It is recommended to wear breathing mask before using flooring adhesive and ensure good ventilation in the room. This is because the flooring adhesive will emit pungent gas, if people inhale this gas for a long time, it will cause dizziness and other adverse symptoms, and will harm human health. 



Being Sloppy While You're Applying the Adhesive

When applying flooring adhesive, you need to apply a smooth, even layer of flooring adhesive on the flooring to ensure that the vinyl flooring can be firmly adhered to the ground. In addition, you need to be careful not to get glue to every corner of the room. 



Didn't Clean up the Excess Flooring Adhesive in Time

After using the flooring adhesive, there may be some excess adhesive seeping from the cracks in the floor. If you don't clean up the adhesive in time, it will soon dry. Dry adhesive will become difficult to remove, you must use a professional solvent to clean the dry adhesive. Therefore, after installing the floor, you need to clean up the excess adhesive in time. You can use warm water and a towel to clean up the wet adhesive.



Neglecting to Use a Roller to Smooth Out the Floor

After the wood effect vinyl flooring is installed, the height of each luxury vinyl flooring may be different. Therefore, you need to use rollers to level the floor. You need to put the roller on the floor and keep moving it until it passes every premium vinyl flooring



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