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Some tips to find your ideal wood flooring

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Some tips to find your ideal wood flooring

In different home decoration styles, many people will choose hardwood sanding wood floors as the first choice. This kind of floor is durable and conforms to many people's ideal lifestyle. When you choose the perfect wooden floor, you should consider different styles, maintenance and budget, as well as the color and material of the floor. This article will provide you with some suggestions to narrow the choice of wooden floors.



Consider your lifestyle


When choosing waterproof hardwood flooring, you should consider style, personal preferences, lifestyle and home decoration, and pay attention to home materials and elements, so you should evaluate the space and consider the impact of your daily activities on your floor, and consider the function of the floor on the basis of choosing the floor style.


For some houses with serious wear and tear, such as houses with children or pets, durable best wood flooring should be considered. The harder the wood is, the more resistant it is to bumping. Oak, maple and cherry have high hardness, while pine and mahogany are soft and easily damaged. The surface of wood and benthic materials also affect the bearing capacity of the engineered parquet flooring. The bottom layer of vinyl or plastic lining can protect the sub-floor in wet places. For families with ordinary activities, Using soft wood or foam cushion can reduce noise, and humidity will affect the state of wood, leading to expansion or warping. If you live in a humid climate, you must choose a suitable air conditioning system to maintain the state of hardwood.



Think about color


Customers need to get color inspiration from the environment. If you can't decide what color floor to use, then dark best engineered wood flooring can't make mistakes. Dark wood colors are suitable for almost any scene. For traditional aesthetics, you can consider warm colors and some classic elements. Of course, you can also choose to fill the solid wood flooring with white and gray, and choose some furniture with simpler lines. If you want to make your home brighter, you can choose light-colored floors. Gray wood color can be matched with any color, because this color is more flexible, which is very suitable for the layout of open living room, kitchen and restaurant. Some people may choose cherry wood flooring or gold floor. If you choose this warm color, then you should have plenty of natural light and a lot of updated elements in your room. Of course, this color is also similar to the classical decoration room.



Think about materials


Nowadays, best engineered hardwood floorings are almost indistinguishable from natural hardwood floors. Generally speaking, engineering hardwoods have strong moisture resistance, while natural hardwoods may start to warp in wet places. On the other hand, natural distressed wood floorings have unrepeatable richness. Although engineered hardwoods are more durable, they can be repaired only a limited number of times, while natural hardwoods can be repaired many times. When you choose hardwood floors, you should consider your lifestyle, budget, maintenance needs and style. Whether it is bright or comfortable and warm decoration style, engineered hardwood floorings can add a beauty to your room.




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