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Something You Need to Avoid Doing to Your Wood Flooring

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Something You Need to Avoid Doing to Your Wood Flooring

Although the wood flooring is durable, but some wrong behavior will still lead to wood flooring damage. If the wood flooring is damaged, you may need to replace the flooring or repair it, which is very expensive. In order to protect your solid oak flooring as much as possible, you need to avoid doing the following.

Don't Walk on the Wood Flooring with Hard Soled Shoes

If you walk on the wood flooring with hard soled shoes, the wood flooring will be easily scratched by the soles. In addition, the moisture on the sole will permeate into engineered oak flooring, cause further damage. So when you get home, you need to take off your shoes and put them on the shoe rack, then put on your slippers before you go in.

Don't Let Your Pet's Nails Get Too Long

If you have cats, dogs and other pets, you need to cut your pets' nails regularly to avoid their nails get too long. When pets run on the wide plank wood flooring, their nails are likely to scratch the oak hardwood flooring. And cutting your pet's nails can effectively prevent the wood flooring from being scratched.

Don't Put Furniture Directly on the Wooding Floor

In order to avoid furniture damage to your wood flooring, it is recommended to place a mat at the bottom of the furniture. If you put furniture such as tables and chairs on the waterproof wood flooring directly, the legs of the furniture may scratch the flooring. In addition, when you need to move furniture, please lift the furniture first, and then move them to other places.

Do Not Use Rough Detergent

Although you need to clean your wood flooring regularly, in order to protect the flooring, do not pour any detergent directly on the flooring. These detergents will be absorbed by the wood flooring, and cause the parquet wood flooring to rot, crack, etc. Therefore, when cleaning the wood flooring, you need to pour a small amount of detergent on the towel or mop, and then wipe your flooring.

Do Not Use Steam to Clean Wood Floors

Although it's convenient to use a steam mop to clean the floor, you can't use it to clean the oak parquet flooring. Because the steam released by the steam mop will be absorbed by the painted wood flooring, causing the flooring to bend. And, high temperature also can shorten the service life of wood flooring. Therefore, when cleaning the wood flooring, it is best to use a soft towel or mop to wipe the wood flooring.

Do Not Use Vinegar to Clean Wood Flooring

Many people believe that vinegar is the best choice for cleaning wood flooring because it is natural and can be used to wipe the surfaces of many furniture. However, vinegar contains acetic acid, which will destroy the surface of the wood flooring and make the flooring lose its luster. Therefore, when cleaning the wood effect flooring, it is best to use professional wood flooring cleaner instead of vinegar.


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