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The Best Flooring Type for Different Places

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The Best Flooring Type for Different Places

Wood floor is a building material which is often used in home decoration. It has good decorative effect and is comfortable, so it is loved by the majority of owners. But there are many different types of wood flooring on the market. Which wood flooring do you prefer? What is the best flooring type for your home?

Laminate flooring

Laminated flooring is a popular ground material in recent years. It is processed through wood crushing, glue filling, preservatives, additives, and hot-pressing with high temperature and high pressure treatment, which destroys the physical structure of the wood and overcomes the shortcomings of poor stability of wood. Therefore, the laminated wood floor has the characteristics of high strength, uniform specifications, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and good decorative effect. Laminate floor does not need to be painted or waxed, and it is versatile and easy to maintain. It is the most suitable floor material for the rhythm of modern family life. In addition, laminate flooring has a high utilization rate of wood and is a good environmentally friendly material. Since its abrasion resistance is very good, it is also used in many public areas.

Solid wood composite floor

It has strong wear resistance and high cost performance. So, it is suitable for ordinary residential living room, bedroom and study room. At present, the solid wood composite floor is the most popular type of wood floor with excellent practicability and aesthetics on the market. It should be noted that the northern floor heating families may choose this kind of flooring, since it has strong heat resistance and is not easy to be deformed.

Solid wood flooring

The solid wood flooring is very good in comfort and health, and it can improve the overall level of home decoration. But it is not suitable for use in places where the humidity changes too much. The solid wood floor has poor thermal conductivity, so it is not suitable for floor heating households. Generally speaking, the application of solid wood flooring in the south is wider than that in the north. It is suitable for the home decoration style that pursues high quality. It can be used in the living room, bedroom and study room, but it needs to be paid attention to maintenance in daily life. Usually Solid wood flooring is divided into three levels: AA, A, and B. Among them, AA is the highest quality.

Cork flooring

The cork floor has good elasticity and slip resistance. It has good heat preservation and comfortable foot feel, and has good sound insulation which can absorb life noise and creates a quiet living environment. However, the cork floor material is relatively soft, heavy furniture will cause it deformation and it is difficult to recover. So, it is suitable for places such as bedrooms, meeting rooms, libraries and recording studios etc.

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