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The Importance of Floor Selection

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The Importance of Floor Selection

If you want to choose a suitable wood floor for your home, you firstly should consider various factors before purchasing. So, the choice of wood floor is very important for the comfort of home. What should you pay attention to during the process of purchase and installation?

1. Learn to read the certificate.

When buying a floor, you should carefully check the paint certificate and glue certificate of the various wood floors, because these two items cannot be submitted for inspection if the floors have problems. On the contrary, as long as there are these two certificates, the floor will generally be no problem and you may buy at ease. You can also ask the merchant for the original copy of the recent formaldehyde test report to check whether the formaldehyde emission is qualified, especially for laminated wood flooring or solid composite wood flooring.

2. The purchased floor area should be 8-10% larger than the actual area.

You should consider that there will be loss during the process of wood floor splicing. If the installation worker calculates properly, the losses will naturally decrease. Some installation companies will fool customers to buy a lot of floors and say that the losses of wood floor are serious. In fact, it is completely unnecessary. You had better always keep an eye on the workers during the process of installation to avoid waste.

3. Lay the moisture-proof film first.

After the ground is cleaned, damp-proof film should be laid on the ground. The function is that firstly it can prevent moisture, and it can avoid shocks and reduce stepping noise. The moisture-proof film must completely cover all the ground laid, and the joints must be sealed with adhesive tape.

You can start paving wood floor after all the moisture-proof films have been laid. If the floor of your home is uneven, it is recommended to use the bedding material. The bedding material have the function o moisture and moth prevention, sound insulation and heat preservation, and it can improve foot feel, and raise the ground for pipe laying, and adjust the height difference between tiles and other materials.

4. Avoid splicing with glue

Nowadays, floor installation is mainly based on splicing, and there are few cases of using glue to make joints. When buying floors, you must make it clear to the merchant and refuse to buy floors with glue to splice, because the adhesive contains high formaldehyde content, which is easy to cause home decoration pollution.

5. Leaving enough gaps

Usually, the floor is spread from the inside to the outside, from the door to the living room and then to the room, which simulates the walking route of a person's entry, so it is continuous. There should be a certain gap between the splicing to ensure the flexibility of wood floor. When encountering corners or joints, the floor needs to be cut and then joined to the wall. In addition, keep a gap of 8-10 mm between the floor and the wall to ensure the thermal expansion and contraction of wood floor. But this gap will later be filled with skirting.

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