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What Are the Tips for Choosing Engineered Wood Flooring?

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What Are the Tips for Choosing Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is made of interlaced laminates of different tree species, which overcomes the shortcomings of wet expansion and shrinkage of solid wood flooring to a certain extent. The advantage is that engineered flooring has a small dry shrinkage and swelling rate, good dimensional stability, and retains the natural wood grain and comfortable foot feel of solid wood flooring. Solid wood composite flooring combines the stability of laminate flooring and the beauty of solid wood flooring, and it has environmental advantages.

The engineered floor consists of the top layer of solid wood-veneer. The range of thickness depends on the quality of the floor. Below the veneer are several layers of veneer, all of which are glued together to form a plywood-like sandwich base. These layers run at a 90° angle to each other to maintain stability, making them less likely to move due to moisture than solid plates.

Parquet engineered wood flooring is a kind of wood flooring derived from the solid wood flooring family, so it is actually a new kind of solid wood flooring. The advantages are its natural wood feel, easy installation and maintenance, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, anti-bacterial and suitable for electric heating.

Parquet is divided into multi-layer solid wood flooring and three-layer solid wood flooring. The three-layer solid wood composite floor is made by interlacing three layers of solid wood structure. The surface layer is mostly precious and high-quality long-leaved hardwood. The wood types are oak, birch, ash, green mulberry, teak, etc. The surface of the solid wood composite floor is made of high-quality precious wood, which not only retains the beautiful and natural characteristics of the solid wood floor, but also greatly saves the resources of high-quality precious wood. The surface is mostly coated with high-quality UV coatings more than five times, which not only has ideal hardness, abrasion resistance, and scratch resistance, but also is flame-retardant, smooth and easy to clean.

Tips for Choosing Engineered Wood

The solid wood composite flooring made of urea-formaldehyde resin has a certain amount of formaldehyde emission. The formaldehyde emission of environmentally friendly solid wood composite flooring must meet the requirements of the national standard GB18580-2001, that is, ≤1.5mg/L.

We must value the brand of parquet. Even the solid wood composite floor made of high-end wood plank has good quality and bad quality. Therefore, when purchasing solid wood composite flooring, it is best to buy solid wood composite flooring with better brand effect. And, if you buy engineered wood with brand protection, even if something goes wrong, you can find a business to solve it.

The color of the floor should be determined according to the size of the home decoration area, the color of the furniture, and the overall decoration style. For rooms with large areas or with good lighting, black engineered wood flooring or dark engineered wood flooring will make the room look compact. For rooms with small areas, white engineered wood flooring gives people a sense of openness and brightens the room.

In some cases, installing engineered flooring is not the best choice. It is best to avoid using engineered flooring in the bathroom because the bathroom is often wet. However, it can be used in the cloakroom.


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