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What Are the Tools and Knives for Fitting Laminate Floors?

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What Are the Tools and Knives for Fitting Laminate Floors?

Laminate wood flooring is generally composed of four layers of materials, that is, a wear-resistant layer, a decorative layer, a high-density substrate layer, and a balance (moisture-proof) layer. Laminate flooring is also called impregnated paper laminated wood flooring. Qualified laminate flooring is impregnated with one or more layers of special thermosetting amino resin.

Since laminate vinyl plank is a man-made material containing glue and resin, it will definitely destroy the cutting edge of ordinary saw blades. If you use the wrong blade or blunt blade to cut laminate flooring, it is easy to burn the motor of the chainsaw. Unless you install an expensive specially designed carbide tip laminate cutting blade on your saw, never use a circular or miter saw to cut laminate flooring. When cutting the floor, a lot of dust is generated, and some dust on the engineered laminate flooring contains many toxic chemicals and resins that are not good for lung breathing.

Tools Needed for Laying Laminate Flooring

1. Dust mask

Dust mask is one of the necessary items for cutting waterproof laminate wood flooring. It is mainly used in work environments that contain low concentrations of harmful gases and vapors and work environments that generate dust. Only adsorbent or sorbent is installed in the filter box. Some filter boxes are also equipped with a filter layer to prevent aerosols at the same time. How to cut floor tiles without generating dust? The specific method is to add water when cutting. Dust on wood and man-made boards (such as laminates) may cause cancer, and laminates contain various harmful substances. Open the window for ventilation after wearing a mask.

2. Tape Measure

Tape measure is a commonly used tool in daily life. What you often see is a steel tape measure, which is often used in construction and decoration.

3. Non-permanent fine tip marker

When laying dark floors and cutting black laminate flooring or light grey laminate flooring, markers are obviously more practical than pencils. The marker can be easily wiped with a damp cloth after use.

4. Laminate Floor Tool Kit

Laminate floor faucet. You can buy a wooden floor installation kit from Amazon and other places, which includes the 10mm spacers needed to expand the gap, the pull rod on the right and the tapping block.

Jigsaw+ special laminate blade. Due to the characteristics of high gloss laminate flooring, damage to the saw blade is common. Therefore, we need to prepare more special laminate blades. Jigsaw is the best power tool for cutting laminate flooring.

Forged contour gauge. This tool is not only used to lay engineered parquet flooring, but also used as a marking tool. This convenient contour gauge can push wood into the desired shape.

Combination Square. In addition to marking square lines, you can also use it to quickly mark parallel lines when cutting a board to a certain width.

Gorilla Glue. It can stick to wood, metal, ceramics. It is waterproof and can be sanded/dyed/painted!

Auger or flat wood drill bits. When laying the wood effect laminate floor, we used augers to drill holes in the radiator pipes to obtain some pipe hoops matching the wood grain color and pattern to cover the expansion joints.


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