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What Mop Is Used after Installing Laminate Flooring?

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What Mop Is Used after Installing Laminate Flooring?

Laminated composite wood flooring is a popular floor material in recent years. It breaks the physical structure of the log and overcomes the weakness of the log's poor stability. The waterproof laminate flooring has high strength, uniform specifications, high wear resistance, anti-corrosion, mothproof and good decorative effect, which overcomes the problems of scar knots, bug eyes and color difference on the surface of the log.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

1. Wear resistance and good stability

The surface layer of the laminate floor is a wear-resistant layer, which is composed of evenly distributed aluminum oxide, which can achieve high hardness. Scraping with a sharp, hard object such as a key can only leave a very shallow mark. Laminate flooring has better pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, compression resistance and impact resistance than other types of wood floors, including painted wood floors and staining hardwood floors.

2. Easy to care

Because the wear-resistant layer of the laminate floor has good wear resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, fire resistance, flame retardancy, and chemical pollution resistance, in daily use, you only need to clean it with a wrung rag, mop or vacuum cleaner. If the floor is greasy or stained, wipe it with a cloth dampened with detergent.

3. High cost performance

Laminate wood flooring is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base material and balance layer. The wear-resistant layer, decoration layer and balance layer are manually printed, and the substrate is made of fast-growing forest materials. The cost is lower than solid wood flooring. At the same time, it can be produced on a large scale and is relatively cost-effective. Due to the different base materials, the price difference is obvious, and there is more room for customers to choose, which is suitable for all classes of people to choose.

4. Rich in colors and patterns

Laminate flooring is rich in colors and patterns, which fully meets the needs of individual design. There are many kinds of patterns, fashionable patterns, and various natural or artificial patterns can be simulated. The decorative layer of laminate flooring is generally imitated by computer, which can simulate wood patterns of various materials, and even imitate stone and create unique patterns that are not available in nature.

5. Good fire resistance

The laminate floor has reached the B1 level and has higher flame retardant performance. It is safer than other types of wood flooring including light oak flooring and parquet wood flooring.

Mop Suitable for Laminate Flooring

What mop is used for laminate flooring? Do not clean with damaged items, such as metal tools, nylon friction pads. Normally, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to clean the surface dust, and then use a rag or mop that is soaked and wrung until it does not drip. After mopping the floor, it is best to open the doors and windows to allow air to circulate and dry the floor as soon as possible.

If the high gloss laminate flooring is mopped with a very wet mop for a long time, it will cause the floor to absorb water and deform. So be sure to wring out the water before taking it off with a wet mop. After mopping with a wet mop, mop it again with a dry mop to absorb the remaining moisture.

You can use a multifunctional electrostatic mop to mop wooden floors, which contains microfiber cloth (wet mop) and magnetized cloth (dry mop). If the wear-resistant layer of composite wood floor is damaged, the moisture-proof function and brightness of the floor will be affected. therefore. Wear cloth slippers as much as possible when walking on the floor, preferably barefoot.

Do not use sandpaper, sanders, steel brushes, strong decontamination powder or metal tools to clean composite wood floors. If you have cats at home, you must find a way to solve the cat's paw damage.

Microfiber flip mop is the best choice for laminate flooring on the market today. The effectiveness and durability of the microfiber flip mop makes it stand out from the competition, and the double-sided microfiber mop makes it the best partner for laminate flooring.


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