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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Installing Your Flooring?

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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Installing Your Flooring?

Usually there are some points which need to be paid attention to when installing new wood flooring. Here we will introduce for you as following.

12 points need to be paid attention for wooden floor installation:

1. Preliminary preparation: The installers should check the laying conditions of wood flooring on site before installing. And accurately measure the wood flooring areas which need to be paved, and determine the direction of paving and the quantity and type of auxiliary materials. If the laying requirements are not met, they should refer to the professional opinions of the technicians as soon as possible and consult with you in time.

2. The normal loss of wood floor is between 3% and 5%. If there are special-shaped plans or stairs on the ground, the loss will increase and it will be normal.

3. Before construction, you should verify the laying direction and method of wood flooring with the construction personnel again. If you make any changes, you had better inform the installers in advance. Otherwise, you have to assume responsibilities for extra expense.

4. Before the construction of skirting boards, door battens and the lower end of the door sleeve, you should understand and inform the construction personnel where the holes cannot be drilled or sawed to avoid damage to the original water pipes and line pipes. Usually, during the construction process, the construction staff will automatically inquire about the related matters.

5. Before the formal construction, it is necessary to smooth out some obvious protrusions on the ground and clean the ground.

6. The distance between the lower door and the solid wood floor including the thickness of the door battens should be kept above 4 mm after installing, which can prevent the door from sinking to affect opening and closing of the door.

7. The damp-proof layer on the ground and the plastic sheet used for laying the geothermal wood floor must be well connected and bonded with tape.

8. If the laying length of wood floor is less than 12 meters, flooring-laying battens usually need to be used in the interface or doorway between the rooms and halls.

9. Before laying the geothermal suspension type, you must carry out a water delivery test to confirm whether the water pipeline has the phenomenon of water seepage or not, if not, the wood floor can be installed.

10. Under normal circumstances, the customer specifies the position of the sawing floor to avoid unnecessary trouble. Suggested location: it is available in the balcony, washing room or corridor.

11. In the process of installing beautiful wood floor, if you have any queries that you don’t know, you had better to communicate with the leader of construction team or directly consult the person in charge of the installers.

12. After the completion of the construction, you should check whether there is floor damage or not. If not, you can confirm and sign name. If you have any questions later, you need to contact the after-sales service in time to check the damage of wood floor and the reason. If it is the construction question, they should bear the full cost.

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