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What are the wood floor color selection and matching skills?

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What are the wood floor color selection and matching skills?

Just as different colors bring us different visual senses, create different atmospheres and psychological feelings. In home furnishing, the choice of decoration style and wood floor color is also very important. How to choose the color of the wooden floor, and what is the color matching rule for the wooden floor? Today we will talk about this issue for your reference for decoration.



Wood floor color selection

The color should be determined according to the size of the home decoration area and the overall decoration style:

If the room has a large area and sufficient lighting, darker color and coarser wood floors should be used to make the larger room relatively compact. On the contrary, for small rooms, light-colored, fine-textured wooden floors can be used to give people a sense of openness and make smaller rooms more spacious.


Using mahogany to decorate the ground can get a warm and tranquil feeling; deep red wooden floor can bring out a luxurious and solemn atmosphere; white maple floor highlights the elegant and practical style; white birch floor can make small rooms look neat and not crowded ; The walnut floor is solemn and noble; the oak floor is free, unrestrained, and natural...



Wood floor color matching

1. The floor color should match the furniture style

Traditional Chinese furniture blends solemnity and elegance. Among Chinese furniture, black and dark chestnut furniture with simple shapes and smooth lines are the most popular.


The simple European style furniture is known for its simplicity, which complements the large-grained wood floors such as oak, maple, pine, and walnut. In the choice of color, it is more suitable for neutral and dark wood floors, and the calm color can highlight the grade of the room. In addition, soft-colored, soft-textured cork flooring is also a good choice.



2. Choose wood floor texture color according to the function of the room

The lighting conditions of the living room limit the range of floor color choices. A room with good lighting can have a larger range of choices, and the shades can be selected. For rooms with lower floors and insufficient lighting, attention should be paid to choosing floor materials with higher brightness and suitable colors, and avoid using darker materials as much as possible.



3. The color of the floor should also consider the area of the room

Color will affect people's visual effects. Warm tones are expanding colors, and cold tones are shrinking colors. If you choose a warm color floor with strong colors (such as red sandalwood dark color, red oak color, golden oak color, red grapefruit color), the space will appear narrower and increase the sense of depression. In addition, in the selection of patterns, small grains or straight grain effects should be inclined to avoid large and disorderly patterns.



4. Choosing a floor should also consider the function of the room

For example, the living room is the most public place in the home, so it is advisable to use a floor with clear and natural wood texture and soft colors to create a bright and harmonious atmosphere.

The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation. Warm or neutral solid wood floors should be used to give people a quiet and comfortable feeling. For the elderly and children’s rooms, soft and warm floors are recommended. Soft and warm tones make people comfortable and lively.



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