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What is SPC flooring?

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What is SPC flooring?

Vinyl wood flooring has been very popular in the market since its debut in the 1970s. You can see it in hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals, and with the introduction of rigid core technology, best vinyl plank flooring has added more dynamics and functions.

What is SPC flooring?

Short for stone plastic composite, SPC is designed to identically replicate traditional flooring materials such as stone, ceramic, or wood. This kind of vinyl flooring near me can provide more practical benefits, and it opens up many design concepts with realistic photos and clear vinyl top layer. And it is generally comprised of the four following layers in mind:

1. Wear Layer — Playing a crucial role in the lifespan of your tiles, this layer uses clear coatings such as aluminum oxide that will keep your kitchen vinyl flooring from rapidly wearing.

2. Vinyl Top Layer — Certain premium types of SPC come manufactured with realistic, 3D visuals that can be installed to identically resemble stone, ceramic, or wood.

3. Rigid Core — The core layer is where you get the most bang for your buck. You will find a high density, yet stable waterproof center that provides rigidity and stability to the plank.

4.Backing Layer — Otherwise known as the flooring’s backbone, this layer provides your vinyl wood planks with added sound installation, as well as being naturally resistant to mold and mildew.

How is SPC flooring made?

SPC gray vinyl flooring is produced by six main processes. Firstly, the mixed raw materials are put into a mixer, which will be heated to 125-130℃, so that the water vapor in the materials can be removed. After the water vapor is removed, the best luxury vinyl plank materials will be cooled inside the mixer, thus preventing the occurrence of early plasticization or processing-assisted decomposition. Next, the raw materials will be taken out of the mixer and extruded. The raw materials of cushioned vinyl flooring will pass through five areas, the temperature of the first two areas is higher, and the temperature of the other three areas will drop slowly. After the material is completely plasticized into the mold, the calendering process will be carried out. A series of heating rollers will compound the mold into continuous sheets, so that the width and thickness of the sheets can be accurately controlled, and then embossing can be carried out under heat and pressure. The engraving roller will apply the texture to the surface of the product, and after embossing, it will be sent to the drawer. In the drawer, the drawing machine adopts frequency conversion control, and after being connected with the motor, the material of patterned vinyl sheet flooring is transported to the cutting machine. Under the cutting machine, the material will be accurately cut according to the standard, and the cutting must be clean and uniform. Once the material has been cut, the automatic plate-lifting machine will lift and stack the final herringbone vinyl flooring into the packing area for pick-up.

SPC flooring installation

When installing SPC vinyl flooring, it is necessary to ensure that the sub-floor must be clean and dry, and most SPC vinyl hardwood flooring will be simply connected together by mortise and tenon technology. Generally speaking, SPC does not need to be adhered to the sub-floor, but some factories still need to adhere to specific areas or locations.


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